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The brilliant rays of light, streaming through the holes and cracks in the sandstone masonry of the temple, barely illuminated the room. A man in green, walked through these beams of light, and each time he did so it glittered off his blonde hair, making it seem golden, his sea blue eyes also glittered like the sea it so much resembled. Dust and sand, that had leaked through the flaws of the walls and ceiling, covered the once magnificent antique furniture. But the man paid no attention to the furniture. His eyes were fixed on a single chair, at the head of the room. The upholstered, red satin cloth had been bleached gray with time, and the golden armrests had been pilfered by thieves. Two, sand covered steps led to it, and the man ascended them. There he stood, four feet from the chair, his distant memories. She used to sit there, her cherry pink dress, flowing around her, and her beautiful blue eyes, her golden hair. His emotions got the best of him. He let out a small groan and fell to his hands and knees. A salty blue tear rolled down his cheek, hung by his chin for a second, and then plummeted to his ground. It hit the floor, pushing away a small amount of sand, and shimmering in the light. Distant memories came rushing back, and it hurt him. The world he used to know was a wasteland, and he could have prevented that. If only he stayed. Back at the arched entrance, a young woman watched the man in green. A turban disguised any, and all distinguishable features, it continued into a cape, that hung behind the person. Baggy, tan clothes covered the rest of the person’s body.
“Sheesh. I didn’t expect you to get so choked up about a chair. I mean, look at it. It’s disgusting. What is so special about it?”
The man stood up and turned to the figure, his hands curled into fists.
“Oh come on,” the figure spoke, “don’t be like that.”
“Listen Zel, that’s your name right? I don’t mean to be offensive, but what happened in my past , is my business.”
“Whatever, I’m just curious. Link.”
Link looked towards the chair once more. A small, wooden, toy horse lie on it’s side, in a small pile of sand next to the chair. Link let the breath escape him, as he bent to pick it up. He brought it to his face, and blew the sand off it. On it’s side, the name Epona, carved into it. He carefully stored it in a pouch on his belt, and walked back to the entrance. Zel followed him out, with one last look at the ancient throne room.
The two walked into a room just down the hall. It was a library, filled with old transcripts of times past. Exactly what Link wanted.
“Why did we come here?”
Link paid no attention to her and moved to a table, with a pile of scrolls on it. He pushed the pile away, and under it, a diary. He blew the dust off of it, revealing the gold letters, Z-E-L-D-A. He went to open the diary, when suddenly, a loud crashing noise arose from the other end of the room. Both Zel and Link looked up, a little curious, a little nervous. A large beast, with six legs, two humongous claws, and covered in a dark brown exoskeleton, that appeared to have no head rose to the ceiling. That’s a distance of almost twenty feet. Link, undeterred, unsheathed his sword, and held his shield in front of him. One of the large claws came down upon him smashing a stone bookcase. Link simply rolled out of the way and stabbed at the claw. The blade simply reflected off it’s surface. Behind Link the other claw was sweeping towards him. He heard it coming, and flawlessly back flipped over the claw. Zel took her chances, and started to sprint up the claw that had had hit the ground earlier. Three knives appeared in each hand, and one at a time, while still running, she whipped them at the monster’s eyes.
“Bulls eye!” she exclaimed as she jumped down from the arm, “No pun intended.”
The beast roared in pain, and began wildly flailing it’s appendages. It hit all sides of the library, and collapsed, dead. Half the floor of the room rose five, throwing Zel and Link to the ground. Zelda’s diary slipped from Link’s grasp and started to slide down the incline the dead beast had just made. Link crawled after it, trying to get up and grab it. Earthen slabs started to rain down from the ceiling, but this did not stop Link.
“What are you doing!” Zel yelled. Sand started to poor in. Link grabbed the book, before it fell into the chasm. He got up, and started to run towards the door. Behind him parts of the wall are projected across the room, by the build-up of pressure the sand forced upon the outside of the wall. Sand blasted through the holes left behind by the broken wall. Zel urged him on. They dove out the door and down the hallway. The library crumbled with the absence of support normally supplied by the wall. Link sighed, exhausted, and disappointed. Hundreds of years worth of scrolls, obliterated. Oh well, he just hoped the princess’ diary supplied enough information about The Disaster, the remnants of Hyrule talked so much about.

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