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Chapter Three
"Link Meets Navi"
Written by: Red Sparrow

"Hey, kid, wake up!
The Great Deku Tree needs you!"

Link groans and sits up
awakening from his slumber,
the dream was fresh in his mind,
he can still hear the thunder.

"Finally! You're awake,
come with me!
Hurry for the Deku Tree's sake,
I have to take you to see-"

"Hey, you're a fairy!
Is this a dream too?!
I'm so very happy!
What do I call you?"

my name is Navi.
But never mind that,
Please come with me!
We have to go to
where the tree is at!"

"Wow, a fairy!
I still can't believe what I see!
I'm gonna catch you,
To make sure you won't run from me!"

yeah, thats good and all but--
--Wait a minute, WHAT?!"

"C'mere! Stop flying away!
You're my fairy, right?!"

"Get away from me, I say!
Keep that bottle out of my sight!

"Gotcha! I'm gonna show Saria!
She's gonna be proud!"

"Let me out, moron, will you listen?
I'm talking to ya!
...Oh, he still can't hear
even when I'm yelling really loud."

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