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Chapter 1- The 1 become 2

Peace. That’s how Zelda liked it. ‘No battles to be won, no threat of kidnap.’ She giggled at that one. ‘Why was I always kidnapped? Just because I’m the Princess of Hyrule, didn’t give them a reason for them to kidnap me!’ It was rather odd for a seventeen year-old girl to think that, but it was true. She was snapped back to the present, when a soft knock came to the door. It was Impa.

“Link is downstairs, Zelda.” She said in her motherly voice, “Don’t keep him waiting!”

She closed the door behind her and went to tell Link she would be down soon.

‘Link!’ Zelda screamed in her head, as she scrambled to get ready. She had almost forgotten about their day out together! She liked to call it ‘a day out’ because calling it ‘a date’ sounded so childish to her, even though around Link, they both acted like children. And that was what she loved about him. She hurried past Impa, who smiled at her. Zelda felt so sorry for her. Impa was the only Sheikah left, and Zelda thought it was her fault, not Impa’s. If she hadn’t of done that binding spell with Sheik, he would be here and there would be two left. And Sheik would settle down with someone…
When she got down to the foyer, she looked up at Link, and saw the look of concern on his face.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Just thinking”

“Oh don’t do that, Zel! Your head will explode from the pressure!!!” He joked.

She hit him playfully on the arm. It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t soft either.

They walked out together, until they reached Epona, who was in the Royal stables.

“So where’re we going?” asked Zelda as he hoisted himself into the saddle.

He waited until Zelda had sat comfortable in the saddle, before he gave her his answer.

“Lost woods.” He said bluntly, as they set off at a slow trot.

“Ok. But no Deku shrubs again, please?” she asked pleadingly.

“Yeah Ok”

Zelda still remembered the last time they had visited the Lost Woods together. Link had purposely taken them past a bunch of Deku Shrubs. They scared the living daylights out of her. She had only partly forgiven him for that one.

By the time they had reached the Lost Woods, the midday sun was beating down hard on them. They went to their usual spot. A small clearing with a small stream, and blooming with flowers. Zelda loved this place. It was so beautiful. They sat down beside each other, and slowly ate. Zelda marvelled at his long, blonde bangs and cerulean eyes. He caught her looking at him.

“Wot?” he said, through a mouthful of bread.

She giggled at him. ‘He can be soooooooo immature sometimes.’

It was about 5 in the afternoon, when they began to pack their things. On the ride home, Zelda snuggled in his arms. She could smell lavender. She loved that smell. She could feel him smiling at her, and all that did was drive her deeper into his arms. She could stay like this forever. Epona suddenly started slowing down and Zelda opened her eyes, and saw they were already at the castle. She then realised that she had fallen asleep on the ride. They rode up to the castle gates and dismounted.

“Thanks” Zelda said

“For what?” Link asked, though he knew what the answer was.

“For today, silly!”

And with that, Link wrapped one of his strong, muscle-bound arm round her waist, pulling her closer, and placed his lips on hers. The kiss lasted a few moments, though both didn’t know how long. Link released her and bid her farewell, before riding off.

Zelda felt awake now. It was as if she was sleeping beauty and that kiss woke her. She walked up one of the many stairs to her room, humming quietly to herself. She stopped however, when she saw Impa staring out of a window in one of the corridors. She looked lost in thought. Zelda knew something was wrong, since after one of her days with Link, Impa would pester her with questions.


Impa spun around, surprised.

“Ah, Zelda. How was your day?”

“Fine. How was yours?” she asked. Zelda used this technique when something troubled someone. It would let information out without the person knowing.

“Uneventful” was Impa’s reply

“Listen, Impa. I’ll cut to the chase.” Zelda said sternly, which surprised Impa slightly. “Something’s wrong, isn’t it? I can see it in your eyes. Tell me before I force you.”

Impa sighed and beckoned Zelda to come and sit down next to her. Zelda had never seen Impa like this. Except one time. The time when she told Zelda she had to bind with Sheik, which would kill him but save her.

“Lately, I have been sensing someone growing in power…” she began, but Zelda cut in.

“It isn’t Ganon, is it?” Her face was white with worry.

“No, child.” She soothed her. Impa heard a sigh of relief. “Someone of good. Someone pure.”

“But why is that worrying you?”

“This person isn’t supposed be alive. He is supposed to be dead. But he is alive and slowly recovering from grave injuries.”

Zelda’s face was a confused one. “Who is it?”


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