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On day in Hyrule, a strange force drew Link into Hyrule Castle, where he found the Triforce resting, glittering brilliantly as it awaited him.
"Link...Link...accept the quest of the Triforce!"
A beam of light caught Link, and suddenly he vanished!
He passed out, and when he woke up, he found himself in a forest he had never seen before. The sound of music drew him to a small clearing, where he found a troop of performers practicing.
"Join us," they said. "We are a troop of traveling actors." Link noticed a beautiful young girl dancing in circles. When she noticed link, she called to him.
"Welcome to Holodrum. I am Din, the dancer. Would you like to dance with me?" Not waiting for his answer, Din took Link by the hand and he reluctantly began to dance. Unfortunately, the dance didn't last long.
Suddenly the sky went dark, and thunder crashed. A voice boomed, "I've found you, Din! You can't deceive me by disguising yourself as a dancer. I am Onox, General of Darkness! Now reveal yourself, Oracle of Seasons"
A great whirlwind dropped from the sky and drew near Din. Link, who didn't know what was going on, knew he had to help her. "Help me, Link!" cried Din. But the whirlwind blew Link back as he struggled against its fury, and Din was swept away by the wind.
Link couldn't have known what would happen, but strange things began to occur in the land. With the Oracle of Seasons imprisoned by Onox, the seasons fell into chaos and the land was deprived of nature's gifts.
(to be continued)

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