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Back, in ages past, long before you or your ancestors were even in existance, there was no Hyrule. Back, farther than even the wisest of the wise can see, before the dawn of time, before existence itself was even brought into being, there was nothing. But, that does not mean that there was no life, if life can be used in describeing it. For there was nothing in this entire cosmos save one thing. This thing was nothing itself, for even nothing is something. This presence (or lack of?) was very, very, very old, older than even the cosmos it know inhabited. It was, infact, exactly 1 fraction of an instant younger than Everything, whom it had immediately grown to loath, hate, and fear. And so it had fled, after a great skermish, in which Everything had proven to be the stronger of the 2. It was to the cosmos were our story began that nothing fled to, and its twin, Everything, chose to spare nothing the death it deserved, and did not pursue it, nor harm it, save in one way. It cursed him with the name Oblivion, and for that Nothing hated Everything with all of it's nonexistant heart. And so it was that Nothing was given the epithet of Oblivion, which is what we shall call it from now forth. Now, 2 must be understood before our story can proceed. First: that Oblivion was corrupt nearly from the begining of existance itself, and that that it had in essence corrupted itself. Second, that were ever Oblivion was, there would be no light ("All the better to hide from Everything," Oblivion thought), no good, and no life.

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