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I stood up, and my head hurt like hell. I managed to shake it off, and then climbed down the ladder almost several feet away from me. A girl with green hair, green clothes, and green boots came running up to me. I noticed that everyone in the vast forest area was wearing green. Even me. I was wearing a very comfortable green long-sleeved cotton shirt, just the perfect size. No tag, I noticed. Must be homemade. I also had on green shorts. They were also cotton. They feel like my old P.E gym shorts, I chuckled to myself.

The girl looked at me, puzzled. "What were you doing in Link's house?" she asked me. I was in someone's house? I asked myself. "Uh... I honestly don't know, I just woke up in it," I said, trying to remember anything I possibly could about the small home. "Well, just be glad Link's not here, he's been summoned by the Deku Tree. He'd knock you on your bum," the girl said. "What's your name?" I asked her. "Saria. You?" she replied back. "Aaron. Nice to meet you," I said as I shook hands with her. "Well, I'm here and don't what to do," I sighed. Saria looked at me. "All I got to say is if you're not one of us Kokiri, you could leave the forest easily. If you're here long enough and something bad happens, though, you're gonna need a weapon to defend yourself with. Link already has the Kokiri's Sword... so, I think the store might have something for you. Come with me."

As I walked with her through the village, girls loooked at me, whispered something in their friends' ears, and giggled. Are they cannibals? I wondered. Will they have me for supper? I cringed at the thought.

When we arrived at the store, a miget behind the service counter was hopping up and down to see who entered the small store. "Hi, Georgie," Saria greeted. Georgie kept hopping up and down to talk to us. "Whatcha need this time? New Kokiri's Secret underwear? This time they're Kokiri Camoflouge," he giggled. Saria's face went red. "No, that pervert Mido snuck in my house and saw the last pair. I threw them out because he was going to tell all the other girls that I had the rarest sexy underwear in my house," she explained. "I actually came to see if you had any weapons for this young boy." Georgie hopped up on the counter, and studied me. "I've never seen you around here before." Saria told him everything I had said. "I see." Georgie hopped down from the counter, then stepped on a square-shaped switch. The wall behind him turned around, and the biggest arsenal of wooden weapons I had ever seen was right before my eyes. Everything from bows, wooden swords, slingshots, arrows, and slingshot ammo (I soon learned that was called Deku Seeds) sat right there in front of me. "Well, Aaron, pick your weapon," Saria grinned. I was going to have a fun time picking my weapons.

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