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[ Link stands in the King of Red Lions, his faithful boat and the ex-king of Hyrule, with the Triforce of Courage embedded into his hand. He pulls up to the Tower of the Gods in hopes to defeat Ganon and restore peace to the Great Sea, the home in which he had grown up. His prior knowledge left the story of the Hero of Time in his head, and the fact that he had the Triforce led him to think that he was indeed the reincarnation of that hero. ]

Link: So since I have the Triforce, I was always destined to be the Hero of Time's reincarnate?

King of Red Lions: That is not correct. In the last era, the one I had rule over, the Hero of Time failed to return to save the land, and Ganondorf, the Evil Emporer of Darkness, took over that land. The Hero, having failed to serve his country, was drowned benath the waves along with the majority of that land.

Link: So you're telling me I'm not the Hero of Time?

King of Red Lions: Exactly.

Link: Then what am I? I hold the Triforce. I have to be sacred.

King of Red Lions: Do you not remember what the boss of the Tower of the Gods called you?

Link: Uh... no...

King of Red Lions: He called you the Hero of Winds, my boy!

Link: Why?

King of Red Lions: That is simple; since the Hero of Time had drowned, a new era was reborn, a new generation of Heroes. You are the first in the line, and next generation, somebody will be reincarnated from you, and so on and so forth.

Link: So it's just like the Hero of Time and how he was reincarnated?

King of Red Lions: Precisely.

Link: Wait a minute... that means I'm going to die!

King of Red Lions: Link, my young lad, everybody has their time.

Link: Yeah... but I have mine like five times until I die for good!

King of Red Lions: But you will not remember the last life once you are reborn, so it will be like having never lived, that in which it will seem like you will only live and die once.

[ Link folds him arms across his chest and turns his head in disgust ]

Link: Well fine... hey, wait a minute...

King of Red Lions: Yes?

Link: The parallel analogy to Hero is Villian, right?

King of Red Lions: Yes, I suppose. Why do you ask?

Link: Well, Ganon represents the villain. So... what is he considered. I mean, in the last era, he was the Evil Emporer of Darkness, and I was the Hero of Time. So... what is he called now?

[ The King of Red Lions shakes his head and sighs ]

King of Red Lions: My boy, he is still the Evil Emporer of Darkness, and for the last time, you were never the Hero of Time.

Link: No, he isn't the Evil Emporer of Darkness. He can't be, because I was reborn and so was he.

King of Red Lions: Aye, you were indeed both reborn, but he as the Evil Emporer once more.

Link: How do you figure that?

King of Red Lions: He was the one that killed Hyrule. He didn't die in the process. Since he didn't die from the opposite force, he was yet to be reborn.

Link: But... but... you mean he's fighting a whole new person? And it's a whole new era of a hero? Come on man! That's like fighting a total stranger!

King of Red Lions: No, that is where you are mistaken. Although you have no relation to the past hero, you are sacred and still the destined one chosen to save your land in which evil wants to take for its self. Do you understand?

Link: Yes, but that's still not fair. How come he gets to be legendary and I don't? And wait a minute... in the legend before last, didn't the hero kill him?

King of Red Lions: Yes, he did. But Ganondorf broke through the Sacred Realm before his time was up, therefore, he never technically died.

Link: What doed he think he is? Immortal?

[ Link expresses a distorted grunt of disapproval ]

King of Red Lions: Yes. That's exactly right.

Link: Oh... well... how come the Sacred Realm isn't strong enough? Huh?

[ King of Red Lions is getting a bit flustered ]

King of Red Lions: Simply because Ganon is far too strong. His powers are the greater outcome of the two. Also, his capability to hold a piece of the Trifoce gives him a third more power. That power is connected to the Sacred Realm, allowing him access.

Link: So it's like a key?

King of Red Lions: Gee, it only says that in like every game Miyamoto every created!

Link: Well you don't have to yell at me! Gosh!

King of Red Lions: Alright, I apologize. It just makes it difficult, Link, when you do not pay attention to your surroundings and what people tell you. You really need to take the time to pay attention. You will need these skills in the future. You are going to be responsible to carry your tale throughout the land so that it becomes a legend just as the last hero did. If you would like to say you were carrying the wieght of the Great Sea, your land, on your shoulders, that would be conveniant, for it is not a lie. Link... Link?

[ Link throws bait into the water during the middle of the lecture. Fishman pops his head out of the water and greets Link with a salute with his right fin ]

Fishman: 'Hoy, Small Fry!

Link: Hi! I want to hear the information for this island again.

Fishman: Fine, but what's with using the same bait over again, Fry? Don't they make a premium brand of this stuff?

King of Red Lions: Ehem.

[ King of Red Lions gives Link a harsh and stern look. Fishman and Link look up at him ]

Fishman: 'Hoy red boatish thing! No one was listening to you, and I hope you're aware of that.

[ King of Red Lions grits teeth ]

King of Red Lions: Indeed I was...

Link: Anyway Fishman, what were you saying?

King of Red Lions: Excuse me! I do believe I was talking before I was so rudely interrupted!

Fishman: Ah, right then! Please continue.

King of Red Lions: Thank you. Now as I was saying, Link is to be one of the...

Link: Fishman! Wanna play that one game where you jump and I shoot an arrow and then you give me money?!

Fishman: You bet!


Link: ...

Fishman: ...

King of Red Lions: Thank you...

[ Link starts to cry ]

King of Red Lions: Link? Link are you okay?

[ Link cries more ]

Fishman: Ah, look what you did now!

King of Red Lions: Shut up you slimy freak. Link, what's the matter?

Link: You (sob) You.... you said the D word and the H word (sob).

King of Red Lions: Oh? That offended you?

Link: No, but this game is (sob) supposed to be rated E, and when Miyamoto finds out he won't market the game! (sob).

King of Red Lions: Link...


[ Fishman manages to slip away before things get ugly ]

Link: And now... you die...

King of Red Lions: What are you talking about? Don't look at me like that! Link?! What are you doing with that?!

[ Link takes a bomb and blows up the boat but manages to escape ]

That, my friends, is the story of how Link grew to be the Hero of Winds. Behind the scenes, that particular part of the game was reshot. The role of The King of Red Lions was played by a new character. Link was taken to the prison cell on Windfall Island, and his stunt double reshot that scene with the new King of Red Lions. Why was the scene so short in the game? Simply because their faces weren't fully revealed or they were shown at odd angles, not giving the full view, that way, you couldn't recognize the difference in characters.

Written by Nick

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