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Zelda signed on at 6:23:15 PM.
Link44 signed on at 6:23:34 PM.
Zelda: Hello Link.
Link44: hi
Zelda: So, what are you up to?
Link44: over at saria’s eating dinner
Zelda: Oh.
Link44: she says hi
Link44: she says she’ll be on in a few
Link44: Im goin over to my house to chat
Zelda: Kay.
Link44 signed off at 6:26:43 PM
Zelda: *Whistles impatiently*
Zelda: ^ditto
Link signed on at 6:30:34 PM.
Link: lol
Saria901 signed on at 6:37:12 PM.
Zelda: Yes!
Saria901: srry for the delay, Link’s a slob.
Link44: am not!!!
Saria901: yes huh!
Link44: nuh uh!!!
Saria901: your a dirty messy stupid slob!!
Link44: Click!
Saria901: I know that’s a virus you ingit!
Zelda: STFU you’re both idiots!!
Saria901 signed off at 6:40:16 PM.
Link44 signed off at 6:40:16 PM.
Zelda: sunuva!
Zelda signed off at 6:40:23 PM.

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