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The dawn sun was just beginning to rise over the east horizon. Dewdrops covered almost every available space on the lush green grass that covered Hyrule Field. The slowly rising sun, combined with the dew, made the field a giant rainbow. Too bad that is not where our story began.

A cloaked figure moved stealthily through the winding halls of the Dark Temple. He had heard a few days earlier that Ganondorf had escaped from the Secret Realm and was using the temple as a hide out. The Sheikah had taught him every secret of this temple when he was young. He knew the main chamber was just behind the doors in front of him. He pushed open the large wooden doors and walked into the main chamber.

“Ganondorf!” shouted the cloaked man. Ganondorf materialized in the room with a sickening, sinister laugh.

“Who are you?” asked Ganondorf. ”I was expecting that meddling Link. Maybe, you’ll at least make decent target practice.” Ganondorf fired an energy ball at the man. A lightning-quick slash from the man’s sword sent the ball back at Ganondorf.

“I came for what’s rightfully mine,” said the man.

“And what would that be?” Ganondorf asked.

“The Triforce of Power of course,” said the man.

“Over my dead body,” Ganondorf mocked.

“No, all I have to do is cut off your right hand,” said the man. The man quickly slashed at Ganondorf, cleanly taking off his right hand.

“See” the man held up his hand; the Triforce of Power appeared on it. Ganondorf looked at his bleeding wrist. It began throbbing and a new hand exploded from his wrist.

“So, you have finally obtained the Triforce of Power,” said a voice from the shadows behind Ganondorf. “I give my praise.”

“Scythe,” said the man in obvious disgust.

“I am honored you remember me guardian,” said Scythe as he stepped put of the shadows. His long, flowing, raven-black cloak entirely covered his body while one fleshless hand griped his five-foot long scythe.

“How could I forget you?” said the man. ”Your smell alone nearly killed me. It’s obvious I’m outnumbered, so I’ll be going now.” He raised his hands to the air. Two flames spiraled around him, and when they subsided, he was gone.

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