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Link had given Zelda the ocarina of time. She was plying the song of time, bring him back to his own time period. In a flash of blue light, he was no longer in the sky, but, he wasn't in the temple of time either instead, he stood on a large platform, it hung in midair, nothing but whiteness all around him. He saw another flash of light in the corner of his eye. He turned and saw one of the weirdest looking man he had ever seen. He was short, pudgy, and had a mustache. His clothes were blue and red, with a red cap on his head. There was a symbol it, but link wasn't sure what it meant.

Link had finally returned to hyrule. His adventure saving the sages had been over for along time, and he had added termina on his resimey. He had not found Navi. it was nice to be in his home at the kokiri forest. He had kept his old equipment in a chest. He opened it to reminisce of his adventures. His slingshot, his goron bracelet, silver gauntlets, His boomerang, and his deku shield. He held the shield and boomerang up. These were possibly the least useless of all his equipment. The boomerang only stunned his enemies, and the shield didn't last very long, it always caught on fire. The boomerang also reminded him of ruto, he hated her way of flirting with him. he closed his eyes for a moment, thinking of who to visit first. When he opened them again, he was no longer in his house, but a large platform with other strange people on it.

Zelda finished playing the song of time. Link had disappeared and she had been transported to the ruins of gannons tower. She wished to see link again, but she also knew he couldn't stay with her. His place was in the forest, growing up like a normal child. She didn't know where her father was, or if he was even alive for that matter. The only option she had was to consult the sages. She used her teleportation spell, and disappeared, but she didn't appear in the chamber of sages. She was no large platform, many other people were there as well.

Link was in shock, he was supposed to return to the past not some crazy party of weird people. Something bumped his leg. He looked down. "Ahh!!" Both he and his younger counterpart yelped together. "how are you..... what's going on.... are you really me... what.....hey.... who's in charge here...... did i really look like that?" They spoke (rambled) in unison. (Wow, if I had a nickel for everytime something like this happened to me.) Another blue light shined in-between them. A fox appeared, but it wasn't a fox you see running around the forest. It stood on two legs, wore clothes, and carried a small metal object on his belt. "Where am I" he asked. "It talks?" Big link said. "My brain hurts," small link added. "LINK!!" Link turned around. "Zelda?" Big link said. "That's Zelda?" Small link said.

"This looks like a happy reunion," the fox said, "but I still know where the hell we are, my communicator isn't working..... wait, someone just came in range." A bird, similar to the fox appeared. "Nice of you to join us Falco, If I'm correct, this is Zelda, link, and we haven't introduced the small one yet" Link, Zelda, and Link store at the fox. "Would you mind not eavesdropping." Zelda said. "Sorry, My name is fox and my friend here is Falco. "

"Greetings!" a deep voice came from nowhere. "Welcome to the super smash tournament. You have been brought here for your superior skills in combat, and your feats of heroism." Everybody looked around, nobody was there. "In this tournament, you will fight eachother in single elimination matches, The last one standing will fight the master hand. The fight starts tomorrow, get rest, and prepare yourselves. They all Disappeared in another flash.

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