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link vs. Falco, Pikachu vs. Mr. game and watch, Samus vs. jigglypuff, Kirby vs. Zelda, Roy vs. Marth, donkey Kong vs. mewtwo, Capt. falcon vs. fox, yoshi vs. ness, young link v. ganondorf, pichu vs. ice climbers, Mario vs. luigi, and peach vs. dr. Mario. These were the matches in round one of the super smash tournament. 24 fighters from 12 different worlds. each trying to reach master hand. The fighters were put into rooms, each room carried four people. The two links were put in a room with fox and Falco.

"Hey," big link said. "What's this question mark for?" he was looking at the math-up brackets. "On the top it says the last fighter goes on to the question mark, then fights master hand," fox walked over. "I guess it's some kind of mystery event. Probably a chance to win some prizes." He said. "Have you actually looked at the math-ups. You and falco are fighting, I'm fighting some guy named captain falcon, and junior is fighting someone named Ganondorf." "what!!!!!!" the two links shot up. "did you say Ganondorf?" Small link asked. "I take it you Know this guy?" Falco asked. "Yeah, and he's trouble," big link said. "I defeated him, but I needed the help of the master sword and the sages. I have the sword, but the sages are back in hyrule. There's no way the small me can win."

"Does he have to win," fox began, "we still don't know why we are fighting, if we beat this hand guy, what happens?" Falco said, "I wouldn't mind winning a dream vacation. But he's right, as far as we know our only motive is it prove we can kick some serious ass." Small link sat on his bed, he would face ganondorf without the master sword, his masks he collected in termina were back at his house, and they had no way of contacting Zelda. He had never felt so scared in his life. The big him wouldn't feel like this, he would rise to face this challenge with great courage. but in his child form, he didn't possess the triforce of courage. "Link I would suggest getting sleep," big link said, "if you even want to stand a chance against Ganondorf.

The tournament began. Link and Falco were transported to the great bay in termina, Zelda was transported to a field. The field had a tree with a face on it in the middle. Across from Zelda was a small little pink ball with red feet and the cutest little face. Fox appeared on top of the great fox. A man in purple was in front of him. Small link appeared in the ruins of an old hyrule temple in the sky. In front of him was the most despicable, vile, atrocious, and spiteful villain he had seen. (I love the thesaurus.) Ganondorf wore the same thing he had when he was banished to the evil realm. Link's stomach churned just looking at him.

Falco pulled out his gun and began firing at link. Link drew his sword and deflected them. His blasts were slow and easily deflected. One shot was sent right back at Falco, it hit his shoulder and stopped firing. Link charged at him. He swung his sword high, Falco ducked, he swung low, Falco flipped over links head, link swung like mad but Falco dodged every shot by jumping left or right, up or down.

Zelda thought the pink puffball was cute. "What's your name" She asked. The puffball charged at Zelda, pulled a sword, smashed Zelda with an upward thrust, she went flying in the air, Kirby flew up higher then smashed her down to the ground. Zelda didn't think it was very cute now. She used dins fire and sent Kirby flying. Kirby cam charging back, turned into a fireball and smashed into Zelda. she got Knocked back. But she didn't stop where she was supposed. The tree was now blowing Zelda off the arena. She fell. Kirby thought He (I hope it's a he) had won. Wam, Zelda came back up, and slammed her foot into Kirby, though it wasn't Zelda anymore, sheik had taken her place. She used her chain to get back on the field.

Fox Ran at captain falcon and began kicking him like mad. Then he grabbed him and threw him into air, pulled out his blaster and fired a large beam sending flying. When he landed he was hit by a barrage of lasers. Fox fired of at least 50 shots, and never missed. Capt. falcon was in pain and very weak. fox ran at him, then flipped backwards, Kicking Capt. falcon, sending him clear off the great fox. Fox had easily won.

Ganondorf began firing Blast of magic at link. He used his sword to deflect them. Ganondorf fired them faster now. Link tried his hardest but wasn't fast enough. He was hit and fell to the floor. Ganondorf ran to him and grabbed him. "This is for the sages," he threw link into the wall. "This is for putting your sword in my head." He kicked link in the stomach. "This is for humiliating me." He fired another blast of magic. It hit link and sent him flying. "And this is for putting me in the evil realm!" He fired a blast, point blank into link's face.

Link was still at a stalemate with Falco. Falco was faster than link's sword, and link was faster than falco's blaster, and link's shield stopped his close ranged attacks. Falco countered links attack with a lightning fast kick to the face. This was the first blow to link he had landed. They both jumped backwards. Link dropped onto the rock floating in the water. Falco jumped after him but link had disappeared. There was only a chain hanging off the bottom of the main platform into the water. Falco looked down into the water, WAM!!!!!! Link came flying up out of the water, hitting Falco with an upward thrust of his sword. Falco went flying off into the water.

Sheik was hurling needles at Kirby, giving it no time to recover. Kirby was in a daze, it didn't know what was up or what was down. Finally sheik stopped. Kirby lied on the ground, it's eyes like little swirls. Sheik used his chain to grab Kirby and sent him flying into the air, clear out of sight.

Link and fox appeared inside their room again. "Looks like Falco and the kid lost." Fox said. "Well, I know Falco lost," link replied, "but the small me could still be fighting." "No, he's not, we were all transported at the same time, I was done with my fight 10 minutes ago, they wouldn't make me wait that long unless they wanted to transport us all together, the kid definitely lost, um, sorry."

A new list had been posted on the wall. Link vs. Pikachu, Samus vs. Zelda, roy, Vs. mewtwo, fox vs. yoshi, ganondorf vs. Donkey Kong, and Mario vs. dr. Mario. "Round two will be tougher, we will have to fight the people who also survived round one." Link said. "I think we need to investigate a bit," fox said "I want to know what this tournament is really about."

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