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The War of Hyrule.
Chapter One: The Burning felid and the Escape.

Long ago, a war struck all into battles. Men and women fighting their lives, children getting slattered when not hidden. The battlefield burned the fields, the waters from Zora's Domain flooded small parts of Hyrule field and The mountain currupted rock slides and earthquakes. With all races fighting, the Mighty Gorons, the Swift Zoras, the Magical Hylians and the Secret Sheikahs killing each other. The Small Kokiris waited in their houses for battles to end . All the children hiding in towns and dying in the streets of Hyrule market and Kakariko Village, with blood pouring out of their bodies. Everyone fought until they died with blood and guts fall out of them. People ripping others heads off and twisting their body parts. While the Hyrule family is commanding orders, only one baby girl, the princess, waits calmly in a tower in her crib. She closes her eyes and sees a vision. A woman in broken armor, running across the battlefeild. Carrying a small baby boy in her arm. In her other hand, a sword that cuts everything in her path. Someone shoots a arrow into her shoulder, but she keeps running no matter what. The baby princess opens her eyes and thinks carefully about what is happening. With the woman in broken armor and a baby boy, the woman ran to the forest until a man caught up to her....

To Be Continued...

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