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My life…
Life as a soldier for me is not easy
Life as a man…of valor…of grace…is uneasy
So much bad yet so little good betides me in my life
And so, beloved Jesus, I ask you “Why?”

My life…
My life, my princes, heart and soul, mine
The only woman with the love I need I will and could ever find
She was injured by a virus and taken by you, so she died…
And I cried…
I still do…Lord, tell me what now to do

My heart is split,
And from my eyes tears bursting from its deep, broken pit
Though all I ever loved is gone and with you
This is a painful fact and yet, yes, all my pain true

Take me, too
Take my soul, too, with you
Let me see before my eyes who left for me these tears of my core’s blood to cry
Slash me, burn me…I’ll do what it takes to die

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