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The sky was its clearest and bluest then he'd seen in a long time. He lay on the grass in the fileds of Hyrule gazing up at the sky. There was nothing else for him to do, for five years he wandered about looking for something to hinder that adventurous urge he'd had since Gannondorf's fall years ago. But nothing seemed to cut it not even his search for navi had come up with anything to be proud of.
He looked down to his tunic and noticed all the grass stains.
"Time to visit Lake Hylia again." he said resolutely as he sauntered over to the edge of the lake.
First he stripped down to nothing and threw his clothes in as he followed after and scrubbed them by hand then lay them upon a nearby bush.
He dived back into the water and washed himself off.
He turned quickly as a twig cracked by the trees and he caught sight of black and pink material as it disappeared into the forest.
He got out of the water and listened closely but nothing else could be heard.
He bent down and washed off his feet as he went to put on his pants when he was pulled head first into the water.
He gagged and sputtered back out of the water.
"What is my fiance doing parading in the nude?"
Link looked up in surprise as Ruto emerged from the water.
"Why aren't you at the fair in the palace?" She asked overlooking that he was naked.
"Ruto!" He said as he went behind the bush and dressed.
"Well, why aren't you there?"
"I didnt know there was a fair. How did you know?"
"The girl told me."
"What girl?" He asked.
"Real pretty, gold hair, but she was wearing a cloak over her pretty pink dress...Hey!" She yelled as he ran through the trees.
It had to be her, he thought as he ran all the way to the kingdom.
He was met by a huge crowd waiting to get inside.
"No time to wait." He muttered as he took out his grappling hook and sauntered into a raging fair full of different people from all over.
He was summoned by many merchants looking for an easy sale as they praised him with complements. He had his arms full of meats, weapons, and a white and gold embroidered tunic with boots and a mask.
"There's a ball tonight at the palace here you can take my invite. I can't make it my wife is sick." Said one of the merchants he had purchased the tunic from.
He opened his mouth to thank him when he was pushed into the stand instead. He turned to see someone in a blck cloak rushing off toward the dirt road leading to the palace.
He looked down at his foot and dropped everything in his arms to pick up the ocarina he owned at one time.
He ran after them holding it to him as his other arm was out streched to grab a hold of em. But before he realized what was happening he had his chin in his hand as he lay on his back after falling from the force of the kick.
The hood had fallen from her head as he stared up at Impa.
"You should not sneak up on people." She said her eyes widened a bit as she looked him over then turned away with what looked like a smirk.
"Sorry, thought you were someone else." He mumbled shell-shocked. And decided that he would be returning the ocarina to its owner that night at the ball.

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