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"Where are we?" they asked all puzzled. They found themselves in a room with other weird people.
"Oh Link where do you think we are?"
"I do not know but I don’t like it at all.”
Then Link and Zelda turn to see a fight going on in the room!
“Are you sure you don’t anything kid!”
“Yeah I’m sure!”
“I don’t like that key your holding right there.”
“Well I don’t like you either fat mamma‘s boy”
At that the man got mad and pushed the kid into the floor! The kid had quick reflexes and got up really fast. He punched the man in the stomach and the guy fell in the floor unconscious. Then finally a duck and a dog-looking fellow came and grabbed the kid.
“Calm down Sora” the duck said
“but he started it Donald”
Link shook his head. He couldn’t believe how low was that weird guy, believing he could beat up a kid. At that moment a dark figure step up from the group and Link and Zelda recognize who the guy was.
“Ganon your behind our kidnapped?” Zelda demanded. The man looked at her and smiled.
“Of course dear! Now where a big group and everybody need to know each other!” Ganon started with the kid that had the key.
“Welcome the keyblade master, Sora and his companions Donald, Goofy, Kairi and Riku”
The group looked at Ganon with a weird face.
The he turn to a guy that was wearing Egyptian clothing and a weird necklace that was long to his waist.
“An now please welcome the pharaoh of Egypt Yami Yugi”
Yami obviously didn’t like ganondorf so he gave him a mean look. Ganon return the mean face and keep going with his introductions.
“Please your highness say hello to Mario, Luigi, peach and Yoshi.” That group just keep around the shrubby man who was knock out by Sora, apparently the kid’s name.
“And to you guest introducing Zelda and Link.” From behind Ganon came out Sora.
“So guy, who ever you are what’s the big deal? why are we here?”
“Patience little fellow I will tell you. You are all heroes of your worlds and all. So I’m brought you all here to make you a deal that you cannot denied.”
“What’s the deal then.”
“I will tell you when you are ready my friends! Ha ha ha!”
Ganon disappeared with a flash. Link and Zelda looked puzzled at each other. What did he mean when we are ready?
Link though. Will this be the end for us and this strangers?
Suddenly the floor spited in half and all of the heroes fell into a bizarre world. A new world created by Ganondorf.
“How long do you thing this psycho was planning all this Zelda?” Link asked as they fell.
“Maybe for years. I don’t know!” Zelda admitted.
Soon he saw all the heroes using their powers not to get really damaged by the fall. Zelda saw Sora and his group flying down. The pharaoh using his magical necklace to teleport him into the bottom of the pit. Zelda and Link looked at each other and used the triforce to break their fall. Mario and his group obviously didn’t have anything to help them so Sora and his friends helped them out. They thank Sora’s group and Mario apologized to Sora about the earlier event. The problem was much more than they expected. Much, much more.

To be continued…

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