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As I sat on the floor with controller in hand, I got out of the boat and onto the land. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs, and Phantom Ganon awaited me there. He took out his sword as I took out mine, then he threw a ball that shimmered and shined. We played tennis for a very long while, but then I killed him and demonically smiled. I got the Skull Hammer and hit all the switches, and ran from monsters. (I hate those bitches.) I went to get Aryll but couldn't unlock the door, so Tetra came in with a thud on the floor. "Hey," she said, "I'll help get her out. This one's on me. Nothing to worry about." She left with a wink and said she'd be back, and the Helmaroc King began to attack. I ran up the ramps dodging monsters everywhere, wind rushing through my cel-shaded hair. When we got to the top, I hit it on the head. I did this repeatedly until he was dead. And that's my story about how I beat the big bird, now RATE THIS STORY YOU LITTLE TURD!

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