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Well I'm leaving whitch no summer school! Still gonna miss ya guys. Me and my cousin is leaving at 11:30 p.m so that we can both have a great sleep on the airplane. I would like to thank Paul2 for helping you support your review from that other story. Also I would like to thank Spartan 117 who has always been great pal to me. And made me played runescape again hehe. I would also like to thank HYRULE TRASH 64 for being nice to me. And I mean really nice! ^_^ I love you! I would like to thank her sister Aryil Windwaker for supporting me also. By the time you read these readers. I would be gone. Well not really and not yet till tomorrow. Well this is all I can say to ya. Oh and P.S Don't tell my cousin that I'm afraid of heights ok? Thank you!

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