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Who Did It?

“Oh, he is the cutest critter I’ve ever seen in my life!” exclaimed Malon. “OH MY GOSH!! I think he’s cuter than Ganondorf!” Said Nabooru as she was stroking her chest. “I’m sorry girls, but this one is all mine.” Said Ruto holding a picture of him, thinking its her husband. “Why do you think he’s cute?” Asked Zelda. “He’s just a normal fairy boy.” Said Zelda, trying not to let them know that she really does like link. “If you guys think he’s soooooo cute, then why don’t you go tell him that, or are you to scared?” said Zelda with the look of a bet in her eyes. “Is that a bet your betting?” Questioned Ruto. “If you guys think he’s really that hot, then I bet all of you 100 rupees, that if you have the guts to tell him in front of me then I’ll give you the rupees.” said Zelda. “ So what do you think of that?” “I’ll do it!” Busted out Malon. “And so will I.” Said Ruto. “ You bet ya!” Answered Nabooru.
DAY 1.
So the next day all the girls set off to the castle and bought link one present that they thought he would like. Malon bought him a new sattle for Epona, Nabooru bought him a new mirror shield, and Ruto bought him an ocarina carrying case.
DAY 2.
On the day that they were supposed to tell him, something strange happened. About 5 minutes from the castle, a woman was screaming from the gates of the Lon Lon Ranch. “There’s been a murder, a murder!” “ Mam, what did you see?” Asked Link. “well I was taking my daughter to her lessons when the horses in the stable were acting up, so I went in the stables and there she was, dead as a door nail!” And the lady started to cry once again. “Who did you see on the ground?” “It was that red haired girl, she was the nicest person I think I’ve ever known.” “What?! Malon is dead?! Who would do something like that? She was only 15 years old!” Screamed link as he ran off in the distance. As link was running he saw a man that he had never seen before, he had green hair, black clothes, and pink sandals. The man was running towards the lake. Link started to run faster, seeing if he could get a better glimpse of the man. When the man got to the lake, he went inside the Lakeside Lab. So Link figured if he would stay on the roof long enough, the man would eventually come out. 5 hours passed and the man still did not come out. Link started to get very frustrated and decided to go in the lab. “ Um excuse me, but did a strange man come in here about 5 hours ago? He had green hair, black clothes, and pink sandals.” “No, I’m sorry but nobody of your description came in here at any time of the day.” “I’m sorry if I couldn’t help you in any way, but if you could take this zit cream to Princess Ruto, I’m sure she could help you.” Said the man as if he was about to die.
DAY 3.
As link was walking to Zora’s Domain the next day, Link saw the same man run to the castle. Link thought that he should follow the man into the castle and see what he was doing. So he followed the man and found out that the man was just the Running Wondering Man sporting his new outfit to the whole world. Although that wasn’t the best thing to do remembering the last time he took zit away to her. It was in the middle of winter and her whole face was covered in zit and found out that she gave it to every other Zora in the domain. When Link got to her room he saw a red liquid come down in the water fall and thought that King Zora was getting drunk again. When he got to the top of the steps he saw the most scaring thing to effect his life. He saw King Zora and Ruto dead on the step wear he would sit on, day in and day out. Just seeing the site of blood made Link shiver, (even though he’s the hero of time). This time inspecting the area more this time he saw that both of them had there necks slit. Link never got to say that he loved her.
DAY 4.
“I just don’t know what I should do anymore. Two of my best friends are dead.” said Link with tears in his eyes. “Maybe Zelda would know what to do?” so Link traveled to the castle and snuck past the guards, thinking that he got past all of them. Just as Link got in to her court yard he would talk to her about everything. But just as he thought he could tell her he saw her looking through the window. Something was different about her today, she looked sad and didn’t seem to move to much. Link went up and tapped her shoulder and she fell down to the side. Link was gasping for air as guards rushed to her side. “What did you do to her, you ruthless killer!” Exclaimed one of the many guards to come. Even though she was the princess of Hyrule, she never got the time to tell link that she loved him. This being the worst thing to happen, since Gannon was terrorizing Hyrule, this was the worst thing to ever happen.
Just as all of the mysterious deaths of all the important women in Hyrule nothing has ever happened like this. They found Ruto in her bed purple and breathless. They never did find out who or what killed them all, they just died, maybe of old age or maybe it was a killer that they never found, nobody knows.

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