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Creation of the universe and the world

In the beginning there were three: Light, Shadow, and Dim. These three came together and looked upon the world that was and frowned. It was not right. So the sisters each took a deep breath and exhaled upon the dead world, each saying their name aloud, causing the very edges of space to rumble.
From these first calls came the first flies. Three distinct races of flies were expelled from the mouths of the great goddesses, each with the traits of their mother. The Flies of Light held the power of brightness; the Flies of Shadow held the power of darkness; the Flies of Dim held the power of confusion. Together these flies were ordered to work upon a great project outlined by the Three.
The Flies of Light were ordered to mass together and when they did, the Sun was born and Light gently set it rotating around the dead world, warming and soothing the harsh lands. The Flies of Shadow were ordered to flee from the Sun and take roost only in deep holes and caves, keeping the world cool from the Sun. The Flies of Dim were ordered to fly close to the Sun, melting themselves, and turning their bodies into water which rained down upon the new and changed world, creating river and lakes and valleys and mountains.
These things done, the goddesses again looked upon the world and again they frowned. It was still not right. Again they breathed upon the world and from their mouths came the Spiders.
The Spiders of Light collected together and created the moon, capable of shining like the sun even in darkness. The Spiders of Shadow spun their webs throughout the sky, creating the clouds of the air. The Spiders of Dim dug their bodies into the earth and set root, reaching their legs to the sky, becoming the plants to cover the world.
Again the Three looked upon their creations and again they frowned. Still it was not right. Something was missing they decided. Once again they breathed upon the world each giving forth a liquid that spread throughout the world and then coalesced into one giant ball, sitting upon the highest mountain in the world. This sphere the Three named Ego, created for the sole purpose of helping them achieve their dream world.
Together the three goddesses asked Ego what was missing from the world and the orb quickly began to change colours, rotating through them like a kaleidoscope, spinning swiftly. Soon, from the orb sprouted three lumps which grew and grew until they were thrown free of Ego. Hitting the earth with deafening roars, the three lumps formed and changed until they became three more goddesses.
Light, Shadow, and Dim each named the new goddesses. One was named Din, meaning power; another was named Nayru, meaning wisdom; the last was named Farore, meaning courage. Together Din, Nayru, and Farore set about creating the world as the Three wanted: Din dyed the mountains and land many colours with a bathing fire; Nayru created science and wizardry and brought order to nature’s chaos; Farore created life- from the animals that crawl the land to the fish who swim the rivers to the birds who fly in the sky.
Once again the Three looking upon the world and this time they smiled, for it was as they had wished- lush and bright and full of life.

Creation of the Spirits and the Disaster
Happy that the world was perfect the Three and their four lesser gods spent their days contently watching over the growing and expanding creations. They watched the creatures of the world grow and multiply and live out their lives in happiness. Soon, though, they became worried- the creatures grew and grew and bred and bred with no end. The world was filling up with creatures. The Three and their Lessers knew something had to be done.
But the gods were not all in agreement as to the solution. Shadow and Ego wished that all creatures be forbidden to procreate and all offenders would be eaten by some new creature they would create to manage the flock. The others disagreed, declaring that another tier of gods should be created to manage the mortality of the creations, causing their bodies to become weak and easy to die, thus the flock would constantly be lessening and growing.
The disagreement grew and escalated until at last Shadow struck Light, sending the world into chaos below. As the two goddesses fought, the world below was ravaged by the resultant unbalance in nature. The seas rose and fell monstrously; the mountains boiled and spewed flaming magma; the winds scoured the land, ripping apart the animals and plants; the sun and moon hung still in their arcs, one side of the world boiling, the other freezing.
The remaining gods tried their best to calm the world and protect their hard earned creations, but it was of little use.
In the end, Light threw Shadow upon the land and claimed victory. The battle ended, the goddesses all looked back upon their flock. Horrified at the devastation, Shadow and Light joined their sisters in weeping at their loss. Few creations had survived the onslaught and none of the survivors were beautiful to gaze at, their bodies burned and gnarled by the chaos.
Immediately, the deities set about remaking their world. The sun and moon were set in motion again, wind was calmed and sea was settled. Land was remade, and plants regrown.
With the animals though, the goddesses did not just replace, but remade. Fairer and more beautiful creatures were created. Along with these new creatures were the new gods of the land: the Spirits. These spirits would take control of the lives of the creatures who inhabited the new world. The power of life and death would be in their hands. These thousands of new gods and goddesses scattered throughout the world and each took up a charge- some chose the fishes in the seas; some chose the mountain animals; some chose the denizens of the caverns; some chose the birds in the air. All creatures would have their own spirits to watch over them.
But not all spirits were able to find charges. Some were without creatures to control and they beseeched the Three to create more creatures. The Three heard their cries and granted these remaining spirits their wish.
Together, the seven upper goddesses drew upon their individual powers to create what would be the perfect creation. Light gave it her hope; Shadow gave it her pride; Dim gave it her love; Din gave it her power; Nayru gave it her wisdom; Farore gave it her courage; and Ego gave it his selfishness.
With these traits a new being took form. It stood upright and looked upon it’s creators and said, “I am.”
The Goddesses smiled and set the new being upon the land, introducing it to all of their new creations who delighted in the presence of this new creature. To the spirits the goddesses granted this new being’s life and entrusted it’s future. The spirits rejoiced at this and immediately set about shaping the new being’s life. They asked of the Goddesses to create a mate for their new charge and it was done. Thus Man and Woman were created.
From these two came many offspring, as many as the grains of sand in the deserts and these offspring themselves multiplied and these offspring multiplied and so on. They created communities of families and worked and ate in peace and harmony with the surrounding animals. With so many of these beings across the world, they scattered far and wide, some living in the oceans, some living in the mountains, some living near the goddesses and some living far from the goddesses. And it was good.

The Creation of the Races
The Seven looked lovingly upon their beloved creations and they were worshipped in return. They had achieved the perfect world that they had sought for so long. It was Ego who noticed the danger.
He, who still sat upon his mountain, had closely watched the new beings even when they did not know a goddess was about. He discovered that these beings were becoming mean and hateful to one another in private, while still remaining peaceful and loving in the presence of their goddesses. He went to the other deities and told them of this but the others brushed aside the complaints saying that the beings were perfect and capable of no ill.
Soon though, Ego was proven right, as his gift became the sparking point for a great disaster. The new beings, tired at being controlled by the will of the spirits, joined together against their rulers, attacking outright the servants of the goddesses.
The Seven were stunned by this and were at a loss as to what to do. Their perfect creation was running rampage throughout the world. They quickly drew together the most powerful of the spirits and held conference. It was decided among them that one of the spirits would receive gifts from Light and the Lesser Three; another spirit would receive gifts from Shadow, Dim and Ego. These two spirits became Charity and Discord.
Thus Discord was sent down upon the world and spread his powers among the beings in an effort to break the unity that held them together against the goddesses. To the relief and sadness of the Seven, Discord succeeded in his plan and the races were created.
The clans of beings who lived in the seas were transformed into fish-like beings called Zoras; those of the mountains were transformed into giant rock creatures named Gorons; those near to the goddesses grew tall and fair; and those far from the goddesses grew short and stunted. Charity went to work upon these races to make them independent from one another and love those of the same race.
Then the leaders of the rebellion were called before the deities to decide their fate. Discord wished for their destruction for turning against the will of the Seven, but Charity worked his magic upon his own creators and forced them to stay the hand of execution, instead exiling these leaders far from the Seven and both deaf and blind to the will of their Goddesses. Thus Humans were created.
After the sentencing, Din realized what Charity had done to them and she withdrew her gift from the spirit, weakening his power against Discord.
The beings remaining after the rebellion became dear to the hearts of the Seven, who willingly forgave them for their sins and granted them gifts to ensure their loyalty. These beings became able to hear the will of the Goddesses clearly and loudly, and were granted the essence of their creators to control and manipulate nature. Thus the blessed Hylia were created.

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