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Zelda Trivia

1.What sage does not teach you a song?
A. Darunia
B. Impa
C. Saria
D. Zelda

2.Which enemies aren’t damaged by the boomerang?
A. Tailpasarans
B. Shaboms
C. Like-Likes
D. Biris

3.Who is the only sage you do not meet when you’re a child?
A. Zelda
B. Ruto
C. Raru
D. Nabooru

4.What is the first song you learn in Oot?
A. The sun’s Song
B. Saria’s Song
C. Scarecrow’s Song
D. Zelda’s Lullaby

5.What weapon do you get in the Deku Tree?
A. Bombs
B. Sword
C. Slingshot
D. Bow and Arrow

6.What is the first song you learn in MM?
A. The Song of Time
B. The Song of Storms
C. The Song of Healing
D. Epona’s Song

7.What is the name of the solider that gives you the stone mask?
A. Meeko
B. Shiro
C. Hero
D. Sorrow

8.Which witch run’s the boat tours in MM?
A. Morian
B. Koume
C. Polgara
D. Kotake

9.What miniboss do you beat to get the Hero’s Bow?
A. Lizalfos
B. Gekko
C. Snapper
D. Odolwa

10.How many fairies must you collect in each temples?
A. 10
B. 15
C. 11
D. 17

Ok, you’ve just taken this quiz. (obviously) If you want to know how many you got write than take a piece of paper and write down what you think is the write answers. Then if you review my quiz I’ll tell you how many answers you got right! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

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