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You know you've played too much Zelda when...
By Tory Hayes
OK This is a realistic list of things that could happen in everyday lives. I wanted to make a list that could portray to any Zelda fan. Not mentioning silly things that none of us would obviously not do.

1. You're reading this trying to test yourself
2. You want or have died your hair blonde
3. You have been a Zelda Character or want to be one for Halloween
4. You go outside and beat up trees for fun
5. You make up games with your friends that include looking for the mastersword or saving a princess
6. You think Link or Zelda are hot and swear up and down that your BF or GF look like them in some way
7. You have played all Zelda games so far that are availible to you
8. Your favorite color is Green, Red, Blue, White, or Black based on what Link wears(including SSBM) or Pink because of Zelda
9. You have written about or thought about writting a fan fic of Zelda
10. You have tried or have already posted up fan art
11. Everytime you have gotten on the computer you have looked at or looked up something involving Zelda
12. You have a Legend of Zelda wallpaper on your computer
13. You desperatley want The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for your birthday or christmas
14. You have played either Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Legend of Zelda, Link's Adventure and claimed it to be your favorite game series
15. Everyday one way or another something reminds you of The Legend of Zelda

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