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"I hate school!" In a town in the mountains in the Selen Region of the land called Falcia was a young boy named Zeal who was walking to his school with his four friends Sara, Doxe, Ken, and Roy. "All I get is F's and D's!" "That's because you don't listen to Mrs. Cocktail, dude." said a handicapped boy named Ken. "Just because we're part animal doesn't mean we're smart!" said Doxe. They are creatures called Selians that are elvish humans with an animal body part like Zeal and Sara both have tails like a monkey, Ken has one hawk's wing, Roy has wolf ears, and Doxe has a snake tongue. "Like it matters today. We get to go to Dragonic Lighthouse." said Sara. "That's true." said Roy, "But I don't trust that place." As most people know , animals can tell when something's going to happen before it does. Each animal body part a selian has gives them a special power like a tail lets a selian run fast with out getting tired, snake tongues let them see what people are thinking, a hawk wing lets them levitate, and wolf ears let them see into the future. "It's time for school, guys." Roy, "Let's get going." When the class set off for the lighthouse, the clouds were getting darker. "I'm starting to believe what Roy said." said Doxe. "I'm starting to get sick." said Zeal hanging over the side of the boat. Suddenly there was a loud roar. Zeal looked up, up it was too dark to see anything, but golden red feathers fell from the sky. When they got to lighthouse, there were groups of small, round creatures called Imps everywhere. "You where right, Roy" said Sara looking around, "Imp soldiers never come here unless there's an emergency." "I'm gonna try to get closer to hear what's going on." said Roy, slowly walking closer. "What would Isabelle want with the Dragonic Chronicle?" asked one of the soldiers. "She threatened us that she would destroy the lighthouse." Roy's eyes widened. "We're dead! The Dragonic Chronicle is gonna be stolen." The Dragonic Chronicle is the ultimate chronicle. The chronicle of life and time. If it were destroyed, all of existence in Falcia would be gone. "I have to go save it!" yelled Zeal and he ran up the stairs to the roof. "Hang on, Zeal! I'm coming with you!" yelled Roy. Zeal nodded and they both ran up the stairs. Sara shrugged. "Boys will be boys, I guess." she turned her head and saw some kind of wolf and froze. She stared at it and then after she blinked, it was gone. When Zeal got out on the roof, it was raining really hard. He looked around and saw the stone. There was another roar like the one from the boat. Zeal ran to the chronicle. Suddenly a huge lightning bolt struck him. He flew back against the wall. There was another roar, except it was louder. He got up and did it again. Another lightning bolt struck him. Right before he could get up, a woman appeared right in front of the chronicle. She grabbed it and walked up to Zeal and scanned him with the Dragonic Chronicle. "The Chronicle of Thunder. This boy could be trouble." she said. She jumped into the air and the roar came again and a phoenix flew away with the woman on it. Zeal dropped his head and fell asleep. He woke up in his home in Selan. "Uh...What happened?" "You're awake?" Sara was sitting next to him. "Sara? What happened?" Sara smiled and told him. "After you and Roy went to the top of the lighthouse, some wolf guy went up and saved you and Roy." "What do you mean by that?" said Zeal getting up. "The lighthouse was destroyed by the power with the Dragonic Chronicle." "WHAT!?! This is great." "That's not the half of it!" Sara handed Zeal a note. "The mayor wants to speak to you." Zeal shrugged and read the note. Dear Zeal Cresent, I need you to come to Selan Hall to speak to me. I have a mission for you. Bring your friends along with you. Mayor Cedric Cocks "Wonder what the mayor's mission is." Zeal said. "Anyway lets get the guys and go." Zeal and Sara ran out and got Roy, Doxe, and Ken and got to Selan Hall. "I'm glad you've made it Zeal." said the Mayor as soon as they got there. "I have a mission for you. There's something wrong with the mayor in the town of the Imps, Nomen. Recently a woman named Isabelle has been threatening the Imps to give her the two chronicles, the Chronicle of Fire which is in our own volcano and the Chronicle of Earth which is held some where in the town. She threatened to destroy the whole region. I need you four to spy on the meeting between the mayor of Nomen and Isabelle. I found out each of you have chronicles. Zeal, thunder, Sara, ice, Doxe, water, Roy, fire, and Ken, win-" "Uh.. Mr. Mayor, I can't fight. I'm paralyzed. That's why I have to use all my levitating power just to stand up and walk. I guess I'll stay here." "I guess I'll stay with Ken." said Doxe. The mayor nodded. "You're dismissed. Oh and Zeal here's a sword for you." The mayor handed Zeal a sword. "This is the ancient sword used by the great warrior Zera, who destroyed the dark lord of Hell, Tsunamu. Good luck you three." The three nodded and left the hall. "I have to use my great Grandmother's staff." said Sara. "I'm gonna buy the Excalibur type sword at my dad's shop." said Roy. The three nodded and separated. Sara ran inside her house and looked at her great grandma's ice staff. "The mayor told me your going to leave." Sara looked behind her. Her mom was looking at the staff. "You can take the staff just promise me one thing." Her mother began to cry. "Stay safe and don't die on me." "Mom I'll be fine. "I know. I just want you to return alive. I don't want you to end up like your father. When he left to protect the world." Tears ran down her mother's face. "Mom I'll be okay. I swear. Zeal and Roy will protect me." "I know it's just what happened to your father has made me worried so much." Sara's mother wiped her tears and took the staff down and handed it to Sara. "Thanks mom." She put it in her sheath and walk out of her house. "Please be careful, Sara." her mother whispered. "Yo, dad, I need the excalibur sword." Roy's dad turned around from sorting the potions. "Roy, I can't allow you from leaving the town!" yelled his dad. "Dad! I need to go! Falcia is at stake!" "I don't care! you're only 14 years old" "I'm 15 almost 16! You never let me do anything! You and mom threat me like a baby which I'm not!" "Your still under my control and your not going! You won't stand a chance!" "Dad! I've won 2nd place fighter at school!" "Second place is different!" "There's no difference!" "Yes there is, Roy! There are monsters out there that won't hold back on killing you." "Damn-it dad! I have to go! There's no choice!" "There is too a choice, and the choice is you're staying in Selan!" Roy's dad picked up his sword and threw it at Roy, but Roy grabbed it. "I HATE YOU!" he yelled and ran off. Zeal was sitting on a stool holding his dad's dagger and was carving a statue out of a small log. It resembled the god of Selan, the fox god of fire, Vulcan. "Why did I have to be alone?" Zeal whispered. "Mom has a new job in the city and dad got killed when he went to the Sacred Desert" He took and breath and got up and left his door. "I don't wanna be alone anymore." "Ready?" Zeal asked Sara and Roy when they were at the border of the town. They nodded and started off the path to Nomen.

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