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The legend of Zelda
The history of Link

By Kristorpher Wright aka lilkris600
(this story is based on the legend of zelda games I've Played. 75% real 25% fake enjoy)

Chapter 1
the birth of Link

This story takes place in Hyurle field
about 20 years before ganon's first attack,
Link's mother married a guard from the castle.
Three years later Link's mother was in labor with link but during that time a war started with ganondarf's minions attack out of nowhere. The guard was killed in battle. Link's mothe rtried to defend her self but she was hit.
Link's mother was hit but was able to reach The Great Deku Tree. Link's mother said, "Please ! take care of my son " Link's Mother gave birth to the mysterious child, she died 1 hour later. The Great Deku Tree told Saria to take care of the boy. Saria the Forrest Temple Guard said, "what is his name?" she asked. The tree said His name shall be link and when he is old enough he will get a fairy. Saria said "ok" and took the baby to her home.

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