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Red rose, my flower in full bloom
A man I love in silver armor under the pool of a pearl moon
His hair is gold like a fall’s eventide sunset
Seeing his handsome face with icy eyes is the closet I get

His skin is tan, like swarthy sand
His body warm, the warmth traversing through his hand
When he touches me I quaver
My soul shaking, shivering cold
As if touched by cold water, his skin as if smooth fur

I love it when he kisses me under the moon of night
And carrying me off into a scarlet sunset, the sky so bright
As he wraps his arms about me and pulls me into him
He kisses me, and I’m suddenly in a swirl of bliss I’ve longed to be in with only him

My Hero of Time, knight in shining armor
Were we meant to be?
So romantic
Our passion of such staunch ardor?

My emotions for you grow stronger each day
Hoping our love will become more, God I pray
Asking Him to see to it that no harm shall tear our way to Heaven everlasting

So here you are, my red velvety rose
You love in the wind that blows
I look out at the sunset in the distant horizon
Holding a token of your love in my hands: the red rose

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