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Your destiny I am
True, indeed
Your love so true
Hollow like the sea

Cold, beautiful are your eyes when I stare into them
Alone we stand, the ocean’s waves washing over my feet at the hem
Here we kiss, under a red sun, a love to remember
The cool breeze about us, the breeze of September

I feel safe with you, only us
My heart for you is strong, heavy with trust
You thrust your mouth onto mine
Then your warm tongue, your dexterity oh so kind

The wind blows, the sea ruffles with soft waves
It reminds me of our erotic younger days
Sitting by the shore barefoot under a tuscan sun
Along the crashing waves we run, wet feet and knees, hand in hand, so much fun

Then I falter into the brawn of your arms
Your strength and love, how could it be harm?

Destiny we are, ripe as the leaves of September
Your precious love I will forever remember…

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