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Icons of Virtue


It is a time of great evil in the land of Hyrule. Link, a ten-year-old Korkori is doing his best to stop the evil, but needs assistance. The King of Hyrule, Sebastian, Has called on an eleven-year-old child to assist Link. But Link is nowhere to be seen.

Chapter I

A boy, better said, a young man, was outside hoeing the garden for his sick mother, when a carriage pulled up looking for him.
“ By any chance child, are you Blank Carpenter?” The messenger asks.
“ Yes, I am Blank. If it’s about the taxes, my mother hasn’t been able to work for money so-“ The messenger holds up his hand.
“ This is not about the taxes. The King wishes to speak with you. Please, tell your mother where you are going.” The messenger says, opening his houses door. Blank walks upstairs and kneels next to his mother’ bed.
“ Mother? Mother, I am going up to the castle, the King himself wishes to speak with me.” Blank says. His mother moans and nods. Blank looks at her and softly kisses her cheek.
“ Please get better while I’m at the castle, mother….” Blank exits the room and gets into the carriage.
“ Sir! Do you happen to have a fairy with you?” Blank asks suddenly. The messenger looks at him, his mouth open slightly. He hands Blank a bottle with a red object flying around in it.
“ Here you go son.” The messenger says. Blank thanks him and runs inside, opening the fairy next to his mother. He runs back downstairs and jumps into the carriage again. The messenger and Blank head up to the castle in silence.

Chapter II
The one they call Impa

Blank walks next to the messenger and gapes at the magnificence of the castle he is walking in. The huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the majestic statues of kings long past, doors with diamonds engraved in them, and the foods he saw! They made his mouth water.
“Sir, I don’t mean to sound rude, but what is your name?” Blank asks. The messenger looks at him and smiles.
“ Such a polite child…. My name is Rodriquez, official royal messenger. But, please call me Rod.” Rod says. Blank blinks and nods. They stop infront of the most beautiful door Blank had ever seen. It was gold with silver handles and quartz windows and words spelled out of diamonds. It read,
“ Whomever passes through here shall show the greatest honor and courtesy they shall ever in their lifetime.”
“ It reads, whomever passes through these doors shall show the most courtesy and honor they shall ever in their lifetime.” Rod says, seeing the confusion in Blanks eyes. Blank nods and enters the room with Rod.
“ Ahhh, Rodriquez, I am glad to see you back! And, the one with you must be…Blank Carpenter?” King Sebastian says, laughing so that his slightly larger than normal stomach moves. Blank drops to one knee and looks at the king.
“ Yes your majesty, I am Blank Carpenter.” Blank says, looking the king in the eye. The king stares at him in disbelief. He motions Rod to him and whispers in his ear.
“ This is Blank? The one in the prophecy?” Sebastian asks. Rod nods.
“ Young Blank, do you know why you have been summoned?” Sebastian asks. Blank shakes his head and stands up.
“ No sir, I don’t.” He says. The king sighs.
“ You have been summoned because YOU are to help the young adventurer, Link, in his quest to vanquish the evil Ganondorf.” Sebastian says, pointing at Blank. Blank looks around him and points to himself.
“ M….me? I’m going to help Link, the famous destroyer of Ganondorf (the first time) destroy Ganondorf again?” Blank says, disbelievingly. The king nods.
“ You set out for Lon Lon Ranch tomorrow, Link is there for the next couple of days. I suggest you go to Bazzars and buy a shield. We shall supply you with proper equipment. Here is 500 rupees, tell Bazzar that I sent you and the shield will be free. Please, rest well tonight. Link will need you awake and well for the journey ahead. Dismissed.” The king says. He motions a guard to walk up to Blank. The guard pulls out a sword and goes on one knee and presents the sword to him. Blank nods at the guard and bids his farewell to Rod. He exits the castle when a strange looking women catches his eye. He looks at her and sees her talking to the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.
“ Princess Zelda, you must attend this dinner, whether you want to or not!” The women says. The princess huffs.
“ But Impa….” Princess Zelda whines.
“ So, that’s the one they call Impa, huh?” Blank thinks. He walks into town, to tell his now healthy mother the good news.

Chapter III
The first battle

“ What are you doing!?” Blanks mother screams. Blank flinches as milk goes flying.
“ I said I’m going on a quest with Link to vanquish Ganondorf….I leave tomorrow. You won’t stop me mother.” Blank says, dropping his newly bought shield into his bag. His mother sits down and puts a worried look on her face.
“ It seems my little boy is growing up….” She says to herself. Blank walks up to her and sits down next to her.
“ Mom….I know you must be sad that I’m leaving…but, things will be a lot better when me and Link kill Ganondorf….I promise.” Blank says, standing infront of his mother, one hand on his sword and the other his shield.
His mother looks at him and smiles.
“ You look so much like your father when you stand like that…he was a grand soldier, he would be proud to see you now….. Honey, you should go to sleep now, if you don’t get up early, Link will have already left Lon Lon Ranch.” His mother says, standing up. Blank kisses her goodnight and walks upstairs, and crawls into bed. He blows out the candle and falls asleep.
He wakes up the next morning around four o’ clock and gets dressed in his leather body armour, leather pants, leather gloves and boots. He smacks the Hyrule royal family symbol onto the front of his leather body and fastens his belt then clicks his sheath to it and puts the shield on it’s holder on his back. He walks out of the town and heads for Lon Lon Ranch. Along the way, a skeleton burrows out of the ground and he draws his sword and shield. The skeleton claws at his and Blank dodges it’s attack and cuts off it’s arm. It claws at him again and strikes his to the ground. Blank touches his right cheek and feels blood. He stands back up and lunges at the skeleton, contacting and sending it’s head flying. He puts his sword and shield back and enters Lon Lon Ranch. He looks into the field ahead and sees a pretty farm girl singing and Link playing his ocarina. He walks up to them and taps Links shoulder.
“ Hello Link. I am Blank Carpenter. I have been sent by the king to assist you in vanquishing the evil that tortures the land of Hyrule.” Blank says, holding out his hand. Link takes it and shakes Blanks hand.
“ Hello Blank, nice to meet you. This horse is Epona, and the girl behind me is Malon. She takes care of the horses.” Link says, letting go of Blanks hand. Blank looks at Malon and gasps. From a distance, he couldn’t see how beautiful she truly was. He long, red-orange hair slightly shaking in the wind, her glowing, happy face, her petite body, and those beautiful baby blue eyes just made him want to take her away.
“ Hi Blank! How are you?” Malon says, bouncing on the balls of her feet.
“ G…good. How are you?” He asks, holding out his hand. She takes it and shakes it, smiling.
“ I’m good. Well, I’ll leave you two to talk about your quest. Bye Link, Blank!” Malon says. She skips off to tend the horses but trips. She gets back up and grumbles a little then disappears into the stable.
“ Ok, Blank. Listen. We need to infiltrate Gerudo Fortress and rescue Naboru, the spirit sage. Once we do that, we will have the good spirits on our side.” Link says, drawing a map in the dirt. Blank nods.
“ After that, we will rescue Princess Ruto, the water sage, from her icy imprisonment in the ice cavern. That will be dangerous, because, if I remember correctly, there are ice wolfs there that are incredibly dangerous. After that, we will have the spirits of the water and water at our command.” Link says. Blank stops him.
“ Then, we get Saria, Darunia, and Impa, right?” Blank says. Link nods.
“ We already have Impa, she waits at the castle, waiting for my command.” Link says.
“ Now, Darunia is in the Death Volcano to the far east. It is hotter than hell in there, and is called Hell by many. We will have to talk to other gorons before entering there. Once we save him, we have fires spirits and fire at our command. Then, Saria is imprisoned by Mido, who has gotten powers from Ganondorf. This will be the hardest of all. You know those wolfs I told you about?” Blank nods. “ He is stronger than two of those combined now. So be careful when we do this. Once we save her, we will have to go to the temple of time and open the gate to the Chamber of ages. Once we do that, all six sages will be brought back together and the master sword will be reawakened. I will wield the master sword while you get….this.” Link hands Blank the master sword.
“ Link, this is the master sword!” Blank says. Link looks at it and nods.
“ I know. We both get master swords. That one is from the future and the one I’ll get is from now.” Link says. Blank nods.
“ Oh, ok. So, when do we leave?” Blank asks, putting the master sword into his other sheath. Link looks at the moon and sits down.
“ We’ll leave tomorrow, around noon.” Link says. Blank nods and walks off towards the stables. Suddenly, the stables catch on fire and Malon come flying out of it. Blank runs over to her and pulls out both his swords. He checks her and she is unharmed. He looks in the air above the stable and sees the Evil King, Ganondorf himself, laughing.

End of Part One

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