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“Ok, I’m attempting to jump off the Hyrule Castle and nobody try to save me!” Said some crazy person as he was about to jump. As the people were looking up at him, they didn’t know what to do, so they called the only person in Hyrule they could think ok. So, you think they’re going to call Link, huh? Well please guess again. “Have no fear, Cartman is hear!” yelled a fat 10 year old kid as he waddled up to the castle, almost half an hour to late. The person was already laying on the ground with his neck broken in 70 places. “Oh, oh! WTF?! I was soooooo early.” Said Cartman as he was staring at the mangled, lifeless person. “Look what you did fat-ass! You killed him!” Said Kyle, looking at his face. “I did not kill him, he jumped right as I got here.” well you weren’t thinking this could happen, did you? No you didn’t. (the dead, lifeless person was Link) So as they were walking back, they saw something that made them say ”WTF!?” They didn’t know what to say, so they just stood there. “What do you think it is, Jew?” Said Cartman looking constipated. “Lets go check it out, maybe Kenny, and Stan will be there.” Both of them walked as fast as they could and just as they got there they saw Kenny and Stan walking up to a very large hole in the ground. “Muffle, muffle, muffle, muffle?” Translation: “What made that giant hole?” Asked Kenny “I don’t know, do you think there was a bomb ,or maybe something that I can’t think of.” Said Stan looking puzzled. “Well if there was a bomb, do you think there would be an explosion?” Said Kyle. “If there was a bomb, there would be more people here.” Said Stan. The next day there was an even bigger commotion. BOOM!! “OMG! What was that?!” Exclaimed Cartman. The gang all ran as fast as they could (Cartman being last of course) to where they thought it happened. When they all got there, at the same moment ,all of there mouths dropped open seeing what they never thought was possible. What they saw was… a purple people eater!! No, I’m just kidding. They saw a rabbit with those little white popping things that make a loud noise. “Oh, are you serious! That’s all it was, I mean it could’ve been like some suicidal maniac with bombs, or a giant exploding dildo, or JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!” Said Cartman practically pissing his pants. “whoa dude ,calm down!” Said Kyle.

So that is my story. I think this is the most boring story that I’ve ever written. Even though this has some naughty words it might not be appropriate for some children under the age of 45, this could scar you for life.

I’ll tell you guys a little about my self, I like a lot of music :Sum 41, Greenday, ICP, Eminem, 50 Cent, Afroman, Blink 182, Black eyed peas, Linkin Park, Gorillaz, Gwen Stifani, Ludacris, Kelly Osbourne, Nelly, MCR, Missy Elliot, Outkast, Yellowcard, Ying Yang Twins). TV shows/channels: The Andy Milanokis Show, Room Raiders, Real World, MTV, MTV2, VH1). Movies: Scary movie 1-3, The Ring 1-2, Kung Pow Enter The Fist, X (some anime), anything funny or scary). And colors: black, red, gold, silver, dark blue. PLEASE REVIEW!!

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