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my soul under siege

Case 1: Link

what is...this?
the honour of working on
a bloody force
that seems
i talk to
but she doesn't seem
to need me anymore
didn't that first
mean something
oh fuck
i think i just
ruined myself
nerves running wild
i need something other than
my pills
i have italics in my veins and blood in my eyes with skinny figure but strength--


superhuman hero saves the day--
that's not what i meant

i breathe through cigarettes...
she won't see me anymore

here is my soul
my soul under siege

Case 2: Zelda

when we were here
we just closed
our eyes shut
and looked beyond the wall
the world of another
does this mean i can't understand?
i want to understand
help me, link
i do love...


do i, really?
i don't exactly know about any of this
run the country
do your job
is what those statues tell me
but can't i have my freedoms?
i'm so...
what is wrong with me??
this is my soul
my soul under siege

Case 3: Ganon

implies repentance
or so i've read
somewhere in the depths
of my illusionary
fading in the oceans of
red salty bitterness
"why don't you love me, dad?"
not the case
i simply don't see myself
the way i want
and i really do like...
that girl
with the red hair
and the wolfish eyes
her name is Nabooru?
how strange
but then
she is beautiful
and out
can i be like glass?
but then
i could shatter if dropped
just like my soul
my soul under siege

Case 4: Nabooru

the angry desert breath scorches his mind,
his soul
does he have one?
i truly do wonder
if he does
i would like to explore it
not like that
i don't need
i just want to understand
and at least try to
but that old shit,
"stay away, girl. he's bad news."
you don't know him,
do you?
answer me!
well, it doesn't matter
i am so
and simply selfish
for him
why won't my heart just
can i settle unto
this is my soul
my soul under siege

Link: wait
Zelda: stop
Ganon: no that's
Nabooru: IT...settle unto me!
all: unto me! who i am! IT!

IT is the very essence
which creates myself
this is me,
the soul the shape
that forms me
who i am
i can change, though
my eyes don't have to slide back
in distraction, embarassment
i can look at myself
and fix all the broken parts
rebuild myself
to create a final
build of
what i can truly be
what i actually am
i can change
i can be what i was meant to be

i'm trying to control myself
don't get in my path

watch out
i'm under

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