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Highly unstable but able to see
Can you watch yourself looking at me?
Underneath the heavy definition
Comes a brand new art of coalition

But they don't know
It's you that likes to let it all go
And they can't see it isn't something that
Would let us be...

What's the only thing you can say?
Is there something in your way?
Fall down, so goodnight
Fall dead, so goodnight

On you, the tombs
Feeling your way through the lies and truth
And I, the mess
If the Devil were gone it'd work out best

What's the one thing I could pray?
Things would be worse if I cried
My own heart does bleed
The memories decieved

How are the angry voices going to break away
How are the memory's wings going to fly away
Into the abyss of love and come back with broken hearts
Ashes falling into your eyes and it's no surprise...

What is it that you can say?
It's your sins you have to pay
Grow up, and good night
Fall dead, and good night

What's the best thing I could say?
Things are better if you heal
Dawn breaks, good night
Dawn takes us, and good morning

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