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Thunder boomed as Link walked through it's halls. He had a candle in his right hand. The only light in the castle was his candle's and the light from the lightning that was crashing down upon Hyrule. He wasn't here to make love to Zelda, like he planned, but rather, instead, he was looking for a Gerudo's spirit said to be lurking in the castle. Link breathed softly, trying to hear any sounds or irregularities in the castle. He decided he was going to the ballroom. As he approached the emerald-green door, he trembled. He noticed it was getting terribly cold. With a deep and fearful breath, he opened the door.

The ballroom was eerily silent. The colossal glass dome above Link only showed the faded crystals of water splooshing down upon it's rather clean pane, and the cresent moon seemed to light the world above him. Link noticed his breath was turning into a deep fog when he exhaled. His steps echoed as he walked cautiously through the immaculate ballroom. The only aroma in the room was the remaining luscious scent of the blew-out candles on the chandelier connected to the glass dome. Link liked that. Scented candles that still filled the room with fragrance of Zelda's bedroom even when unlit. Link jumped. A candle was floating in mid-air on the stage. "H-hello?" Link started to tremble vigorously as he said the alarmed voice he now had. All of the sudden, the invisible figure picked up one of the axes hanging on the stage's walls and threw it at Link. Link's scream traveled throughout the castle as a pool of his blood stained the ballroom's marble floors.

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