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Chapter 1

"Rekhyt, Rekhyt come here, I don't have much time left. You must find the boy who doesn't have a fairy and bring him here to me..." said the Great Deku Tree to a little red fairy.

"Consider it done!" said the fairy excitedly. So the fairy flew off. When he came to the clearing he went between Mido's legs.

"Whoa! Stupid fairy." mumbled Mido.

'What-ever.' thought Rekhyt as he continued on his way. "Ohhh... crap! Where does he live again?" said a very annoyed fairy.

He went by the Shop and said "Hello" to the girl who was sitting there. He looked scornfully at Mido's house and looked at the boy who was trying very hard to pull out some very heavy rocks.

"Oh yeah! NOW I remember where he lives!" said Rekhyt happily. So he made a beeline to the boy's house. "I wonder what he's doi-ouch!" Rekhyt had been so distracted in his own thoughts that he didn't pay attention to where he was going and flew right into a wall. "Owww! I need to pay more attention to where I'm going!" said Rekhyt. So instead, he went through a crack in the wall."Sheesh! I could've gone around the wall." mumbled Rekhyt crossly as he flew into the house.

"Black clouds were in the sky, it was storming. A man in black and red was sitting on a black horse. A young boy of about seven or eight was standing in front of the man. A small red fairy hovering beside him."

Rekhyt flew into the house to find Link sleeping.

"Oh great. Now I have to wake him up." said Rekhyt. So he flew over to the sleeping boy and tried to wake him. After about ten minutes, he finally startedto wake.

"Wh- what the-?" Link sat straight up in shock.

"Um, hi! I'm your new fairy partner! Nice to meet you!" said a happy fairy, "Now on to business! The Great Deku Tree would like to talk with you. We must go... NOW!" he finished his sentence so sharply that Link actually jumped. "So, you ready?"

"What! I just got up!" yelled Link.

"So." said Rekhyt stubbornly.

"SO ... I want to go back to sleep ... Rekhit or Rekhyt or whatever your name is. Go away, dozo!" Said the young boy.

"How about this? I'll let you go back to sleep AFTER we go see the Deku Tree, okay?" Said the fairy who was flitting around happily.

"Ugh! Oh, alright. But I have just one question..." said the boy, rubbing his eyes.

"What?" asked the red fairy.

"How long will this take?"

"Ohhh! Never mind. Oh! Before I forget ... what's your name again? I forgot. Heh, heh, heh."

"Oh, come on, it's easy ... Link." said Link, a touch of amusement in his voice.

He got up, stretched, yawned, and put on his Kokiri Tunic. He looked in the mirror and used some water to put his hair down. It was sticking straight up. He walked out of his house and stood outside blinking.

"Hey! Link, over here!" a voice yelled from below. Link looked down.

"Hiya, Saria. How are ya doing?" replied Link.

Saria was a Kokiri as well. She was a young girl with green hair and a green fairy flying around her head. She was one of Link's best friends. He climbed down the ladder to meet her.

"Hey, Saria! How're you doing today?" asked the boy. Saria was wearing her original Kokiri clothing.

"Oh, I'm fine. Oh, wow! I see you finally have your own fairy! That's great, Link!" she said excitedly. "Where are you going this early in the morning, huh?" she asked.

"Oh, I was just going to go see the Great Deku Tree. Umm...I really, really don't know why though..." he trailed off. Saria giggled.

"Hee-hee! Okay, come find me when you're done, okay?" she asked, still smiling.

"Okay, sounds great Saria!" Link replied.

He was fully awake now. He waved goodbye to Saria and started to walk forward. His head was in the clouds. He made his way to the place the Great Deku Tree was, but he was stopped by Mido.

"And where do you think you're going, huh? No good outcast. Oh, by the way, in order to get by me you should at least have a sword and shield."

Mido was always pushing Link around. He also called him an "outcast" just because he was different. Just because he didn't have a fairy.

"Oh, okay." He left. He vaguely remembered a shield in the shop. "But first I have to collect fourty rupees," Link sighed. He looked high and low for the money.

After about thirty minutes he finally found the right amount. Link, along with Rekhyt, went to the shop.

"Hullo! How may I help you?" the shop owner asked.

"Umm, yes. I need one of the Deku Shields ... uh, please?"

"Ah, yes! Link. So I see you finally have your own fairy partner! What's his name?"

"Rekhyt, sir," Rekhyt answered for himself.

"Ahhh! Hello. Oh, right, your Deku Shield Link." The boy was so short that the top of his head barely reached the top of the counter.

"Well, goodbye Rico!" said Link smiling as he walked out the door.

"Now," he muttered to himself, "Where to find a sword..." he trailed off.

"Hey! Link?" Link was walking around trying to find a sword.

"Yeah? This better be good. I'm in a very bad mood right now," he snapped at Rekhyt.

"Okay, but listen. There is a hole near the training ground. I think the Kokiri Blade is there. Helpful enough?" he asked. It almost sounded like an injured voice.

"Oh okay. Sorry. Little flash-back there."

So Link followed by Rekhyt, went to the Training Ground. Rekhyt was right. There was a hole there. Link went through. When he emerged from the other side he heard a rumbling. He looked to his left... a HUGE boulder was going around in circles. Link screwed up his courage and... c'mon guess. He RAN! Duh! It was a small circle. First chance he got he turned right. The rock was right behind him.

"I..." he panted, hands on his knees, "must be... in... insane to... to do this. Who talked... me into this?"

"I did!" Rekhyt was laughing his head off.

"Oh right. You mean the fairy who's about to be seriously hurt, right?" he raised his hand as if to punch or grab the fairy.

"Nyah nyah you missed me! Ha ha ha ha ha!" Rekhyt was being very obnoxious right now.

"Ohhh! If I just go and get the blade will you shut up for a bit? Please?" He was pleading now.

"Yes. Fine." Rekhyt chanced a glance at Link, he was now beaming.

He waited for five minutes and ran right after the big rock. He almost passed where he needed to go.

"Hey. HEY! Turn right, you idiot!" He turned right and saw a BIG chest. He went over to it and opened it. He finally found the Kokiri Blade.

"YESSS! Now Mido will have to let me pass! Yay! Yay!" Link was jumping for joy.

"C'mon Link, let's go already." Rekhyt was sounding impatient.

"Sure!" When he was back in the Training Ground he breathed a sigh of relief. He went to where Mido was.

"Hey. Outcast! What are you doing here?" Link sneered at Mido.

"I have a sword and shield!" he said in a sing-song voice, "So let me through."

Reluctantly, Mido stepped aside. Link went through. He heard Mido mutter something, but couldn't make out what. Link went down the path. Three plants sprung up. He killed the last one and got a Deku Stick.

'Well,' he thought, 'this looks useless.' Link looked at the stick with distaste; put it away and walked forward. There stood the Great Deku Tree.

"Rekhyt I see you have returned. What... took you so long?" from what Link could see he looked curious.

"Mido." Rekhyt spat the name.

"Ahhh, I see. Link, you are probably wondering why I have called you here, right?" The Deku Tree asked in a deep, slow voice.

"Umm, yes, I have. Uh, yeah."

The Great Deku Tree continued, "I need your help," he said. "I have been cursed. I need your help to break the curse. Will you help me? Do you have enough courage?"

"Uh ... yeah ... sure ... I guess." Link looked confused.

"Thank you very much, Link! Now ... enter." He opened his mouth.

"What?!" Yelled Link, "ARE YOU SERI-OW! Okay, never mind." Rekhyt had pulled his hair.

"Just shut up and go in," then under his breath, "Idiot."

"Stupid fairy." Link and Rekhyt, still bickering, entered the Great Deku Tree.

"I really shouldn't have paired Rekhyt with Link," the Deku Tree thought.

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