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Saria:Finally I've found you. You won't get out of it this time

She had finally found the chosen one,weilder of the master sword,Hero of Time and keeper of the Triforce of courage

She thougt how he would look. For he was hylian and aged while she was a Korki and stayed loking like a child. She was also immortal because she is the sage of forest.

She was partly annoyed that the other sages had chosn her to find him but she was his best friend.She knocked on his door.When he answered, she didn't recongnise him but she knew it was him because he had the forest medallian with him and there was a fairy flying above him. It was Navi.

Link:What do you want little girl?

Saria:Link it's me Saria your best friend,don't you remember me.

Link: I have no friends

Then Link went back inside his house,while Navi stayed outside and explained what happened to Link.

Navi:Saria,Link won't recongnise you.He lost his memory. It took me ages just to to get him to recongnise me. I don't know how he lost his memory but I can only think of one way how to get some of his memory back. You must play your song.

When Saria relaised Navi was right,she took out her orcarina and started playing Saria's song.Link then came back.

Link:Saria is that you it's been so long.

Saria:Yes, Link it is me. Do yo remember the other sages?


Saria:You mean you still don't remember Darumina,Rauru,Nabooru,Impa and Ruto

Link:Those names ring a bell.

Saria:Do you even remamber Zelda your girlfriend?

Link:She's not my girlfriend,she's my wife.

Saria:So how come you remember Zelda but don't remember the other sages?

Link:I don't know but it's just when you played that song my memorys of my childhood and who I loved cameback

Saria:Link,where's the master sword?

Link:Over there(points to left wall)


Saria:Link, I' m going to send you back to the day you drew out the Master sword for the second time but you must tell no one about the six sages givig you a second chance in life. The godesses already know about this Link because it was them who told us to do it. Link for the sages to give you a second chance you  must place the Light,Forest,Fire,Water,Shadow and Spirit medallions in a ciricle around you then hold up the Master  sword with the mirror sheild on your right arm.

Link:Your going to give me a second chance but why?

Saria:Link if I have to explain this to you it's going to get complicated.

Link:O.K, I'll do as you said

Link than placed the six medallions in circle around him and held up the Master sword with the Mirror sheild on his right arm.
Then there was flash of light and the six sages stood on their medallions. All of a sudden gold started to glow from Link's hand the trifroce of courage been reawakend in him.Then Link saw a blinding light and was sent back to the day he had pulled out the Master from the pedstal of time for the second time.

Link could see his 20 year old hand,it had worked. He'd been given a second chance that Saria had told him about. The next thing that happened was, he heard three voices speaking to him. "We have given you a second chance Hero of Time so you can keep your bloodline in existance.For it was your blooline chosen to weild the Master sword."

When the voices had finished speaking, Link left the Temple of Time with the Master sword on his back, heading for Hyrule castle.


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