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Link: "Sigh"

?: " Whats a matter?"

Link: "Nothing, I'm just happy to be on vaccation."

?: "Vaccation?!?!?"

Link: "Yup Zelda. No fighting today"

Zelda: " Look over there, the Hyrule City is on fire!!!"

Link: " So? I'm happy, you?"

Zelda: " Happy? The town is on fire!"

Link: " Its not my problem. Someone else could do it"

Zelda: " Hello, its on fire, people are dying"

?: " Link, my cows are on fire, no milk!"

Link: " And, Malon, since when did I care?"

Malon: " My chickens are dying!"

Link: " Oh, all right. Ill get my sword and my useless equipment."

Zelda: " Oh I hate that boy.

Saria: " Me too. I mean the forest is burning too. Might as well help him."

Link: " Stupid people, I wish I wasn't the hero of time. Why could Malon could be the hero of time? Oh well."

And so Link went to the town to save it again. But will he?

Link: " Oh shut up already!!!"

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