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Octo: " Calling all allies." Twentie octorocks comes to his call.

Octo: " Wow, i didn't really know that will work."

Octorock: " What's a matter, you in trouble?"

Octo: " No not really. I was hoping we can kill Link tonight"

Octorock#2: " Really, cause he kicks our but every time."

Octo: " That's not the point. What i mean this is just the begining."

Octorock#3: " Really, I'm just an extra in this story."

Octo: " Well, anyway, what i mean is that we can call more monsters than before, and kick Link's butt!!!" All the octorocks gasp. " What???"

Octorock#19: " You said 'but'!"

Octo: " So?"

Octorock#1: " Lets go everybody." All the octorocks go away, except for one green one.

Octo: " Only one!!! Thats all???"

Octorock#7: " Yup, you can call me Greenie the meanie!!"

Octo: " O.k. then Greenie. Lets go to Hyrule Field." Sinister laughing.

Greenie: " Um... muahahahahahaaahahahaha!!!!"

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