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Octo: " Oh, my stomache hurts."

Greenie: " Why?"

Octo: " I spat up to much rocks during a quick fight against Link."

Greenie: " Really, who won?"

Octo: " Link."

Greenie: " Really, wow, she must have been good."

Octo: " He, she is a guy."

Greenie: " O.K. then." The two of them bumps into antoher gang of octorocks.

Octorock#1: " Hey! Watch it!!!"

Octo: " No you!!!"

Greenie: " Now, now, we dont want to have a fight."

Octorock#2: " Hey shut it point dexter." Greenie stops smiling, and turns angry.

Octo: " You shouldn't have done that."

Octorock#2: " Why?" Greenie turns from green to orange. "Oh.." Greenie spits out many rocks in every direction.

Octo: " Take cover!!!" He hides under a bush. The other octorocks runs away. " Hey Greenie, stop firing!!!" Greenie stops.

Greenie: " What just happened?" Sees that theres holes everywhere. "Oh..."

To be continued

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