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At Hyrule Castle

Link: "Boy, five more minutes of school, before it's summer."

Zelda: "Yeah I know. I can't wait till I chat with my girlfriends."

Link: "Girlfirends?"

Zelda: " Never mind. So, what are you doing Link, this summer?"

Link: " Nothing I guess. Just going save Hyrule over and over again. Like the usual."

Zelda: " Besides that."

Link: " Go work for my uncle."

Five Minutes Later, the bell rings.  Every kid runs out of the castle.

Link: " Hey Ganondorf, smell ya later!"

Ganondorf: " Oh, shut up."

Link; " Hey Zelda!"

Zelda: " What?"

Link comes over and kisses Zelda by mistake. Then he runs away yelling, " Woohooo!!!" And so summer starts off. 


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