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    In Ordon Village, at Link's House. A young man is sleeping on his comfty bed. "Link of Ordon, I here by have the right to take you to the castle." yelled a voice. But he didn't bother to get up. The voice repeated over and over, till Link woke up. "Don't make me come up there Link, I will use force upon you." he yelled again. He yawned and yawned over and over. He popped out of the only window, and telled the guard that he will be there in just a minute. he hurried down the ladder, grabed his tunic, got his sword, and got his shield, and went outside. " Finally." said a guard. " Now let's hurry." Was he in trouble?

    At Hyrule Field

     " I herd that Link destroyed the evil king." whispered a guard. 

    "Nah, thats just folk tale." replied the other guard. Link was apparently annoyed, that the guard doesn't know that he destroyed the evil king, and Zant. That made him think of Princess Midna. If only she didn't brake the twilight mirrors, he could visit her. But, what about Zelda? He likes both of them. Both pretty, and both have magic. Oh well, he thought. So many thoughts swirling inside his head. But he took it off his mind when one of the guards yelled, "Goblins!!!" He soon took out his sword out and hold the reigns as hard as he can. Over the hill came a partie of goblins on giant boars. He charged at them, leaving the guards by themselves. One by one, he slashed them with his sword. After all the comotion had pass by, he got camp ready. By the time he was done, the guards came. All three of them scuttled to the fire. 

    " By tommarow, we should be at Hyrule City." Hyrule City, thought Link. 

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