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It was dark, just after closing time at the Stock Pot Inn, with clouds obscuring the moon when the knock at the door came. Jurina looked up from her inventory sheets, startled at the noise. She walked over to the door with a sigh, tired from the long day of endless customer service. The inn hadn't seen this many people in many years, since before Jurina even started working there. With the Carnival approaching, was it any surprise though? As she placed her hand on the door, she stopped to think for a moment, still frustrated with this late arrival.

Assuming it was a battle-weary adventurer looking for a good night's rest after a long day of treasure hunting, she hated to turn anyone away. That look in their eye as they turn away to sleep on the street was almost more than she could bear. That is, if there had ever been one visiting the Inn during her reign. However, if Jurina ever did let one in after closing time, she could be fired. Would Anju do that to her? How long had she worked at the Inn? Another louder knock at the door snapped Jurina out of her musings.

Pushing away the memories of her childhood stories, Jury opened the door, and to her surprise, no one was there. She looked around for a moment, confused, and turned around to go back inside. Just that Bomber Gang again, she thought to herself. Door almost shut, she heard muffled crying. Jury stepped outside, and almost tripped over a cradle in front of the door. She scooped it up, and inside was a baby, wrapped in a blanket and crying her eyes out. She began to read the note pinned to the cradle, just loud enought to hear herself.

"This is my child, Soshoka. I can no longer care for her, so I am placing her in your care. I know you are a kind woman, so I know you will take good care of my baby. Genetrix." Jury put down the letter and took the babe inside, cooing to it, "Don't worry, I will take good care of you." Before closing the door, she looked around, wondering who knew what she was like.

As she shut the door, a cloaked figure with piercing yellow eyes watching from a nearby alleyway, said to himself, "It seems that it has finally begun."

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