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Link only had one other suspect...Prince Ralis. He had tried to protect Midna from being arrested. He secretly snuck into Prince Ralis's Room. He found a letter on his chair.


Dear Midna and Others:

Link is stalling us plans are not going as planned. Free Ganon now.

-Prince Ralis


Link fueled with anger. The prince walked up behind Link


“Can I help you snoop around?” Asked Ralsi


“ No it's okay I found what I was looking for” Link ripped up the Letter “ Why would you do this Ralis I helped your mother. Is this what she would of wanted?”



“Yes she was planing this from the day she became Queen. She wanted me to carry on but I couldn't that is why I was crying at her Grave.”



“You have been planing this ever since I was a farmer on Ordon?” Asked Link






“Yes. We meet and decided we wanted to rule. So all of us went with Ganon and the Twilight plan. We decided Midna would befriend you and help you. Then we would resseurect Ganon and then Strike. Midna has proven useless so we will Just Kill her” Ralis Told Link


Just then Goblins came behind Link and tried to capture him. Link dodged and did a slice attack he stabbed all them except for one. It was one of the strong Goblins Link knew he was to weak to kill it so instead he turned around and sliced off Ralis's head. The head rolled down to Link feet. Link suddenly Jumped out the window and Into the River. The river carried him down to Hyrule castle. He told Zelda and then Slowly moved forward and Kissed her. Zelda quickly pulled away and stormed out of the room.

ZELDA! I'm sorry!” Yelled Link.

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