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Everyone in Hyrule was in tension escpecially Link and Zelda. Apparently they were the cause of all the trouble. Link had no choice but to kill Prince Ralis. Link had tried to explain to the paper that what he did was nesscecary. Link had also informed Midna of all this. She had agreed to work with Link under one condition. He must find a way to help Midna get back to her world to sumoun an Twilight Army. Unfortunatley for Link it was either help Midna's people or lose an very important ally who is by far the strongest ally there is.

So Link headed up to death mountain first. Link still could not belive that Midna was dead. Link had not chosen a spot for Midna to buired yet. He was thinking of sending the body back to the Twilight people since that is her home.

Meanwhile Zelda's father was having her learn to use a sword.

“Look daddy this is useless Link will save me if I captured again!” Exclaimed Zelda.


“What if you get killed and not captured before Link get's there by learning swordship you can learn to protect yourself!” The King (AKA Zelda's dad) Told her.


“Look dad I need to take a break for like one hour”

“Fine one hour then I excpect you back here!”


Zelda decided to ask the triforce of wisdom what to do about Ganon.


“Oh triforce of wisdom what should I do? Ganon has arisen again” Asked Zelda

“Zelda follow your heart you will know what to do I can not help you destroy Ganon all I can do is give you advice on past history of Ganon I do not know the future ”


“Thankn ou Triforce Of Wisdom you have been much help.. no really” Replied Zelda. Zelda now knew how to destroy Ganon. The triforce had said “On Past History” That meant that Ganon would of probably have done the same things over&over. Zelda decided to turn all of hyrule against Ganon. She started out in the town square of Hyrule.


“Attention Hyrulians! Ganon is among us in hyrule join together with me, Link, the King and the others of Hyrule to destroy the evil that is once again upon us! Link has helped many times. You should help him this time! Take some of the load off of Link's shoulders. Sign up in the castle Thankyou.”


Zelda was desperate to take out Ganon,Zant and the Goblins. Zelda went to death mountain, Ordon Village, Kakariko Village and City in the sky. By the end of the week Zelda had roughly only 50 people who actually wanted to fight against Ganon.


Link however had better luck they had roughly 20 Gorons, 5 Kakariko Villagers, 10 Ordon Villagers and 30 Hyrulians. In total together Link and Zelda had recruited roughly 100 people. They knew it wouldn't be enough to actually “destroy” Ganon but it might be enough to stop at least the goblins.


After about 2 months Link finally returned back to Hyrule.

“PRINCESS” yelled Link

“Link? Link!!!” Exclaimed Zelda.

“Zelda..I..Wanted to...ask you something”

“What is it Link?”

“ me?” Asked Link

“well..uh...YES!” Replied Zelda.


Link was so happy he had loved Zelda from the second he had met her. The happy party ended quite abrubtly. Two gonlins bashed through the door.


“There she is the Princess get her.” yelled one of the goblins.

“LINK HELP” Screamed Zelda.


Link drew his sword and jumped at the goblin. The goblin then drew an axe and swung it at Link. He went flying across the room and hit a wall. He drew his arrows and shot the goblin. It was pinned in the ground long enough for Link to get up run over and slash it till blood covered the entire body. Guts were spilled all over the floor from the first goblin.


“Now for the second goblin” said Link


Link tried the same thing on the second Goblin. The goblin grabbed Link's sword and tossed it to the side. Link had no wepons left. The goblin would just grab it and destroy it. Link only had one other option. He rememberd the Faron Spirit gave him an orb. The spirit told him that in times of need just throw the orb in the air. Link had no other option but to at least try it. Link took out of his poket and threw it in the air. IT started to shine as bright as the sun. The goblin then suddenly turned into dust. Zelda was sitting in the corner all hudeled over.


“Zelda are you okay are you hurt?” Asked Link


“NO LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!” Screamed she suddenly stood up and stabbed Link in the Stomach.

“Now you know who really is working with Ganon. I was tired of always being captured so instead I joined him. The triforce told me that it can only tell me what Ganon did in the past. So I realized that he wanted me! So instead I joined him.

     Link was shocked that Zelda could do this to him and her hometown.

 Link then suddenly  fell over, darkness started to close in around Link.He could taste the putrid taste of blood. Then darkness took over his thought,dreams and mind.

Zelda then stormed out of the room and left the castle for death mountain.

Nurses quickly came running up the stairs to mend Link. A couple days later Link finally woke up. For the most part he was fully healed but he would still be physically scared and mentally scared.

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