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A horse drawn carriage sped down a path.

“Hurry up,” Jeremiah said, “I must be at the slave block before all the strong slaves are taken. I need them for my plantation”

“Yes sir”

About two minutes later, the carriage stopped at an open field with many people in chains and rags and other well dressed people taking their pick of the slaves. Jeremiah grunted as he got out of the carriage. Almost immediately he saw a slave that would do. He grabbed him by the ear.

“How old is this one?” Jeremiah barked at the slave auctioneer.

“Nine, I think.” He replied. The slave Jeremiah was holding glared at him with a look of pure hatred.

“What is your name?” Jeremiah asked the boy he was holding.

“Link” The boy replied.

“Good, I’ll buy him” Jeremiah said.

“Twenty rupees” said the slave auctioneer.  Jeremiah gave him twenty rupees and put the slave back into the carriage and got in. The carriage quickly sped away.




Seven Years Later




“Wake up slave!” a guard snapped.

Link shook his head and got out of his “bed”, which was really a pile of rags.

Today is the day Link thought. The day he had decided to make his escape.  He decided to begin this day like all the others. He went to the tool shed as usual and grabbed a shovel. He went to the field and began to dig a hole. He watched the other slaves digging their holes. One of the slaves, barely a child, fell down.

“Get up!” a guard screamed. The child quickly scrambled to his feet and grabbed his shovel. The guard turned around and began a headcount. One was missing.

Probably another lazy slave the guard thought. He walked back to the slave barracks and opened the door. He didn’t even make a noise when someone slit his throat. He fell to the ground just as his sword was pulled out of its sheath. The noise was enough to attract one guard. He quickly pulled out his sword and walked to the dead body.

“What? Guards a sla-“

A sword was planted in his belly before he could finish his sentence.

Two down, six to go Link thought. He concealed his sword under his shirt and walked back to his abandoned shovel. He picked it up and began finishing his hole. He watched in amusement as the last six guards who were guarding his field ran to the bodies.

“Who did this?” one of the guards said shakily

“I don’t know. But whoever did this will feel the wrath of the Hylian guard!” another guard said.

Unfortunately for Link at the moment, his sword slipped out of his shirt and clattered to the ground. All the guards turned and rushed at him. Link quickly grabbed his sword and assumed a defensive stance.

I may hope to defeat one, but six will be my death! At least I will go down fighting. Link thought. The guards attacked him. Link ran one through. He quickly blocked another guard’s attack and counterattacked, killing him. He then turned his attention to another guard, pulling a set of quick moves that left him dead. The remaining three guards just stood there, jaws hanging. They quickly ran. All around the field, the other slaves stopped digging.

“Run!” Link screamed. The other slaves eagerly complied, running into the wilderness. Link started running towards an empty field. He suddenly halted as he saw a strange man ahead of him.

“Just where do you think you’re going?” A man asked him.  Link pulled out his sword and attacked the man. The man began expertly dodging the blows and eventually knocked away Link’s sword. He pulled out his own and put it at Link’s neck. Link sank to his knees.

“Just kill me now.” Link told him.

“Kill you? Why would I want to kill you?” The man replied. He sheathed his sword.

“You were very resourceful dispatching those guards.” The man said

“You saw? Then why didn’t you help them?” Link questioned.

“Because I have other plans for you. Right now, you have two options. One, you can run away with the other slaves and eventually be caught and sold back into slavery. Or two, you can come with me. If you come with me, I will wipe out all records of your history so no-one will know you were a slave. You see, I am a hylian general who has a need for five highly trained warriors.” The man said.

“So they can become knights of Hyrule?” Link asked.

“No. They will instead become elite warriors who go on extremely hazardous missions that need to be done which the knights or the guard can’t do. There is no publicity in this. Only me, the top hylian generals, and the king himself know of this. You will not become knights. There is a high chance you will die. But if you come, you will do great service to your country. So, will you do this?”

“Yes” Link replied.

“I thought so. Since you are the first one, you will be leader. Now come, we should begin your training.” The man said. He walked away with Link in the direction of Hyrule castle.

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