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    Captain Torlass shifted slightly in his saddle, looking out over the vast Hyrule field. With the Imprisoning War over, Hyrule had been at peace for four years. Slowly, the decimated army had been rebuilt, and the cities restored to something of their former glory. The King of Hyrule had ordered a great many soldiers to patrol the lands, and to ensure the safety of their newly-freed land. Other than the occasional skirmish with a few moblins, most monstrous forces were in full flight for other lands. The patrol was mostly new recruits, barely able to wield a sword, while Torlass was a veteran of the Imprisoning War, having fought against all manner of terrifying and deadly beasts.
    The patrol stopped short of entering the Gerudo Valley. One of the first things Zelda had done after Link's famous triumph over Ganon was to send ambassadors to the neighboring peoples, making peace throughout Hyrule. After taking a quick look out at the desert, Torlass wheeled his horse around and started down towards Lake Hylia, the next waypoint on his patrol route.
    He heard this whistle of the arrows first, and jerked to the side in his saddle. One of his men screamed in pain, falling from his horse to land heavily in the dirt. Torlass spun to face his attackers, and what he saw made his throat go dry. Swarms of moblins were pouring out from hiding, most carrying shortbows and launching volleys of deadly arrows at the Hylian Knights. Two of the ten knights fell, arrows finding cracks in their heavy armor. Torlass turned to his youngest recruit, a young boy barely off the farm who had never seen a battle in his short life.
    “Get back to the Castle and warn the King. He must know about this. Go!” Torlass shoved the young man away, and spun back to face the moblins, his shield sliding from his back to his hand fluidly to deflect a volley of arrows. Brining up the heavy lance that had been the dread of Ganon's forces during the Imprisoning War.
    “For the King! For Hyrule!”

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