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Long ago, the first six sages, this being in the days before a seventh sage was appointed as leader of them all, received darksome tidings telling of a future event that could spell the doom of the world that the gods had called them to watch over. As was often the case with such prescience, there were few specific details, preventing them from having a specific plan to stop the evil that would someday come. They only knew that sometime in the future, Evil was coming, and if the means to stop it were not provided, the fledgling Hyrule would be ruined.

 This evil they felt was new. It would be new to Hyrule, too. Bad things had happened before in Hyrule, and there were bad things happening at that time, but the sages advised the king of Hyrule on what to do, and the evil was overcome. This was in the days in which all people had long ears and were able to receive such divinely inspired guidance. But this evil outweighed the sum of all bad things that had happened in Hyrule aforetime. For the first time, it appeared there was an ultimate Evil in the world, the root of all the wrongdoings of men. Evil was preparing to manifest itself.

In their prayer to the goddesses, the sages finally learned what it was that they must to do for Hyrule to have any hope for a future. They had to provide a weapon. A weapon that all evil beings should hate and fear. They themselves were not permitted to interfere directly in the affairs of the world. They could only provide means to stop evil. Now, with true Evil beginning to rear its head, they had to give the people of Hyrule a way to stop it.

Thus was forged the Master Sword. It represented a link between the physical world and the gods. The second of such devices, following the Triforce. However, it was more physical than spiritual, much unlike the predominantly spiritual Triforce. It was forged from metals found in the world, though only from the best, and infused with the power of the sages and the goddesses.

The metals to be forged into this sacred blade were melted and purified by the Sage of Fire in the crater of Death Mountain. The Sage of Water then took it to Lake Hylia, and very slowly was it cooled. These two sages prayed that Din grant the blade the power to give its wielder the strength of ten men and great endurance. The sages of Light and Shadow prayed that Nayru would bless the sword to give the wielder great powers of discernment and deduction. The sages of Forest and Spirit prayed to Farore that she might sanctify the blade to imbue the one who used it with a love of all living things which are good, a desire to help others in need.

Finally, the sages prayed to the goddesses to give the blade its power to choose the one who could wield it, only the most valiant hero among all living people. The Power to repel Evil was also bestowed upon the sword. Only one could wield it, and no evil one could touch it. Thus was the Master Sword, the blade of Evil's bane, complete. In Hyrule, the sages built the Temple of Time, in which to house the Master Sword. They struck it into a pedestal in the temple, and sealed the room with the Door of Time. They placed a magic seal upon this door and created the means by which the door might be again opened. These are the Spiritual Stones and the Ocarina of Time. A magical emerald, ruby, and sapphire were given to the Kokiri, the Gorons, and the Zora, respectively. The fourth tool, the Ocarina of Time, was entrusted to the Royal Family of Hyrule.

The sages, though they and the goddesses loved them as much as the other races of Hyrule, did not include the Gerudos in this great plan. In their visions, they had seen the dark tide coming out of the west and sweeping east across Hyrule. Though they did not believe the Gerudos as a whole race were evil, they did not want to put any of these sacred devices where they might be easily obtained. The Deku Tree, the perils of Death Mountain, the roaring waterfall and river at Zora's Domain, and the powerful Hylian Army would all be great foes to reckon with.

So it was that the future of Evil in Hyrule seemed sealed before the world even realized Evil would come to them.

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