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So far in the story:


So far in our story Link has been through a lot. He has witnessed the rebirth of the twili bosses. He has witnessed the death of Midna and Prince Ralis (who was planning to kill him anyways). Plus the release of his most vile, and evil enemy, Ganon. Now from where we left off the king has bargained with Ganon. If Link is given to Ganon Hyrule Castle will not be attacked. Because it is so hard to do more then three books without this series getting really boring. This is regrettably the final book of this series. Now Link must die or fight. Answers will be revealed such as who Link’s parents are and who will win the final battle of good verse evil.




It was all ending to quick. This was my last chance to tell the truth to Zelda. If I didn’t it would haunt me forever. I saw her standing on the castle wall watching what was happening. It all ended so quickly. No pain no hurt. It was quick and painless. I drifted through time and space for what happened next.


Chapter 1: Captured


It was useless. The very thing I vowed to destroy captured me. Ganon was standing on the hill. He knew that I would try and escape. I looked back at the castle. Zelda was standing on the castle wall starring at me. How could I let her stand there and watch me get killed? I knew that either way this was going to end sometime. I called Epona from my horse whistle. Maybe just maybe I could get back to the castle. What about the lives of the people living in the city. I wasn’t worth that much. I decided to go to war against Ganon.

I stood up, called Epona and got on. I pulled out my bow and arrow and started moving forward. Of course the boar warriors that Ganon had brought came first. I saw the weak spot on the pig and fired. It hit it. One down, three to go. I knew I couldn’t shoot them all down. I looked at Zelda before I charged at them. I put the bow away and pulled out the sword that I got from Ordon village. It all happened so quickly. Before I knew it I was off Epona and laying on the ground. I got up and looked around. Ganon was right by Epona holding a sword inches above her stomach.

“Link it’s over. Either you come with me or Epona dies” Ganon told me. I knew that Epona had to live. If I died it wouldn’t be as selfish. I was giving myself up.

“Fine I will give up just let Epona go” I told him. He looked at me with a grin.

“Tie him up” he told the guards. I was tied up with a thick rope. It cut deep into my wrists almost after they tied me up. They then tied me to the back of the boar and started moving but suddenly Ganon spoke.

“you don’t actually think that I was going to spare the horse did you?”

“Don’t you dare kill or hurt her” I told Ganon. I shouldn’t of been so stupid. I should of excepted it. A couple seconds later a guard was holding my face in the direction of Epona. I could feel tears swelling up in my eyes. Then all I saw was a sword plunge straight into the stomach of the horse. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I couldn’t stop the tears now. I saw the last bit of light in her eyes disappear entirely. I started swearing at the Guards and Ganon. I then looked at the balcony at Zelda. She was crying the same as I was. I couldn’t stand to look at her. It pained me more that the same fate was following for me.

“Stand up it’s time to go” Ganon said. I obeyed since there was nothing left in the world to live for. Hyrule was going to be lost with or without me. Good Bye Zelda, Good Bye Midna, Good Bye Life. Link was dragged away while Zelda watched him. He was being dragged to somewhere he didn’t know. His life was coming to an end. The hero has been killed by the one thing that he had killed once before. What was going to become of Hyrule, Zelda, and the citizens. Link didn’t know and there was nothing he could do about it anymore.

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