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Chapter 3: Dreamer of the Night

Two days without water. Non stop walking. This is what Link had been doing for the three days he had been captured. He wondered if Hyrule was already in ruins. Or if Ganon was actually keeping his promise to the king. He knew that he was all Ganon wanted. If he was going to die then he accepted it with open arms. On the third day he was finally given some water. He was also finally untied. Ganon had taken him onto a boat that had just started to depart when they got on.

where are you taking me?”

“To my castle out on abyss island that’s where all my slaves who don’t join me go. It will become famous once they learn that’s where you die” Said Ganon.

So that was it. I really was going to die. A slave and a captive. I never really thought that it was how I was going to die but that’s what the god’s wanted. After about 2 hours I was once again tied up and forced to walk again. Up ahead I saw where I was headed. There was a large castle surrounded by a huge wall with goblins marching back and forth along it. The gate took 30 goblins to open. Inside it smelled like melted metal and the stench of dead bodies.

He was led down some steps and thrown into a cell all on his own. He was given bread and water twice a day. The first night he fell asleep he had a dream. He dreamed that he was with princess Zelda and he killed her because of some poison. It wasn’t a death poison but a poison to the mind. Like she had betrayed Hyrule. Link was forced to kill Zelda with the master sword. Hyrule was then over turned in fire which was then flooded. The fire never went out even with water being sprayed on it. The people were being burnt underwater. Then it all went black.

Link suddenly woke up. He felt sweat all over his body. The only thing is that it was freezing. He wondered what the whole dream meant. He got up and looked around. He noticed that in the other cells there were women, children, and other men. Ganon was killing those that didn’t side with him. Even if it meant killing children. Innocent children.

The next morning Link was taken out of cell and up to Ganons room.

“Ah Link how was your sleep?”

“Like you actually care. While I’m still alive I have a question. Who were my parents?”

Ganon stared at me. His eyes pierced through my head. Something had struck him. He knew who they were.

“Link when I kill you, you will go to the spirit world. You will then be shown to your parents and then you will find out. I am not the one to tell you, sorry.”

Why was no one going to tell me. I decided that if I was going to die I might as well die now.

“Ganon kill me now. I see no point of waiting to die. Just do it.”

“If that is what you want fine. Go to your cell and wait for me. I’ll be down in 30 min.”

I went down to the cell and waited. I knew that it was all going to be over soon. It would be quick and painless. I knew that Zelda would probably follow soon after. At least it wouldn’t be my fault that Hyrule had fallen into the hands of Ganon.

Ganon came down the steps with an axe in his hand. Link sat on the ground with his chin on the bed. He closed his eyes when he saw the axe go up. Ganon swung it down and cut off his head. It rolled out of the cell and stopped. The eyes were closed on the head. The body fell backwards and blood spilled from the wound. The only words Ganon said were.

“Clean up this mess. Then take the body to Hyrule with the head”

That was the end of Links mortal life. He now started his spirit life and the quest to find his parents. He didn’t know how long it would take but he would keep going.

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