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Navi: Link! Watch out for the Darknut's swing attack!(Link is dodging all the attacks)Navi: Watch out!!! Look out!!!Link: Hold up a second Darknut, uhh take five. What is it Navi???Navi: Nothing, why? Go back to fighting.Link: Fine...(turns around to face the Darknut) Uhh Mr.Nut? Let's continue, shall we? (Darknut shrugs)Darknut: Fine by me. (Takes out a huge axe, and the both of them continue to fight)Navi: HEY!!!(Interupts Link) HEY LINK!!!Link: Hold up, time out! WHAT NAVI!?!?!!?Navi: You wanna learn about Darknuts?Link: *sigh* Go ahead. Navi: *giggles* They have no... (Darknut crushes Navi)Link: (Looks down) Ouch...Darknut: Yeah no kidding. Sorry 'bout that. She was getting annoying.Link: Yeah she was over the cliff with that fact.Darknut: (defensive) It's not a FACT!!!Link: Really? What was she going to say?Darknut: That we Darknuts have no nuts.Link: Is that true?Darknut: No...Link: Let me make sure (kicks the Darknut's middle)(Darknut doesn't flinch or move)Link: Your sure about that?Darknut: Shut up. Now can we continue?Link: Yeah if you have the balls for it.Darknut: Shut it or you'll end up like your dead friend. (points towards Navi)Link: (looks at the dead fairy) Yeah, if you have the nuts for it.Darknut: (cracks knuckles) I said shut the HELL UP!!!Link: All right, all right Captain-No-Nuts. Yeah see you later. (walks off slowly, giggling)Darknut: WAIT!!! (throws giant axe at Link but misses) (Navi gets up)Navi: I'm alive? Hurray for... (axe cuts her in half, blood spurts everywhere)Link: Harharahahahahahaa! Nice one, thanks for killing her Numbnuts.  See ya later!Darknut: Dammit...

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