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After defeating King Ganon in the Dark World and saving Hyrule from destruction, he returned to his home with his uncle. "Link, I don't know how to favor you. I mean you saved Hyrule from total destruction. You got the Triforce back to it's resting place. You saved Princess Zelda, and saved the king himself." Link's uncle said.

"Uncle, you don't owe me anything. Now I'll be gone for a couple of hours. I'm going out to put all my equipment back where they belong." replied Link. He stepped out before his unlce can answer. Twenty minutes had passed, and dark clouds surrounded the plains of Hyurle. "Great, now what? I'm going to soak to hell. Why on a perfect breezy day?" Link stopped. He didn't remember being it brezzy before he left. As he cotinued, it became more colder than usuall. "Huh, that's funny, I don't remember being this cold." he said to himself, shivering constantly. He looked for some shelter. But none was to be found. He passed the graveyard, and opened it's gate. "I remember this place. This is where I found the cape. Hah!!! Now if I can remember something about one of these graves, there should be a little entrance." he pushed one of the graves. Nothing. As the minutes passed so did the cold wind got worse. "Come on!!! I'm freezing my ass off here!" he said frustrated. As he came to the last glowing grave, he stopped. "Huh, never been here before. Might as well look." He opened the grave, and jumped down in the hole.

When he entered the five feet hole, he landed in shallow pool of water. "Wow, this is amazing. Look at all this neat stuff. Old Hyrule text books dated before I was born." he said with amazment. He opened an old text book and skimmed through it.

~ A New Discovery~

Chapter 1

Amazingly I found that the hero defeated the evil beast, and returned to his home land there were some unusual weather. I of course set out on an advenutre to seek out why. i will continue my new chapter soon.

Soon after Link was done reading, a skeleton figure appeared out of the pages. "LIIIIINNNNNKKK.... you darrrreee to read my boooookkkkkk?????" the skeleton said. Link dropped the book and began to step backwards.

"No, no, not at all. Please don't curse me. I'm a hero of Hyurle that's all." he pleaded.

"Don't woooorrryyyy. Don't be afraiiiiddddd. I'm the author offfff thiiissss boook. I tried to continue tell I droppeeeeeddddd my quail pen somewhereeeee during my adventure...." Link was dumb-founded.

"Really? So let me guess you want me to find it? So that I can read the rest of it? Because there is no other pages." he said.

"The reason why I did not continue, because I died during my adventure."  he replied.

"Well, that was a load of time wasted. you dropped your damn pen somewhere, and then you died? Bummr, and I thought I was bad." he snickered.

"SILENCE!!! NOW LINK YOU WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!!!" he said with great force. Dark smoke appeared. Link fell to a deep sleep.

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