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 As Link saved Termnia from complete turmoil, he packed up his belongings and headed for Lost Woods. He looked back at Tael, and thought of Navi. When he arrived in Lost Woods, he looked at the trees. No sunlight. He thought of Zelda, and the rest of the girls he met. Every time he shows up with one of them, he starts to become shy, and then runs away. The girls don't know it. But Navi knew it. "Link, how come you always run away from them? Come on. You know you like them, but you gotta stay." Navi's words repeated itself over and over in Links head. He chuckled.

 About a couple of days later, four days to be exact, Link got off his horse and started to cry. He didn't know how long it would take to get back to Hyrule or Kokiri Forest for that matter. As he was crying he started to hear a familair smell and tune. It was Saria's tune, and the smell was from Kokiri forest. He danced, and rejoiced. He spun and spun and clap his hands, and laughed. All of a sudden Epona got spooked and galloped into the forest. Link chased Epona, but got sidetracted by red eyes. He tremebled in fear as the eyes came closer. Was it a Skull Kid, a StalChild? No matter what it was, he drew out his sword. The eyes jumped into the sky and onto Link. Blood spurtted everywhere.

 Link screamed and woke up. He looked at Epona. She was still there. He got off of her, and listened to the forest. Nothing, until minutes later Link heared Saria's tune. He got on his horse and started to follow the tune.

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