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"Ahahaha, for once Link your about to fail. After hundred's of years, I finally beat the Hero of Hyrule!" Ganondorf chuckled as he was about to thrust his sword into Link's chest.

"Link! GET UP! Don't die! You can't. The Hero of Hyrule can't die." Zelda's words were loud with sadness. Link layed there on the ground gasping for life. The Master Sword was across the room from his grasp. As Ganondorf flew into the sky with his sword ready to kill him, Link rolled away from the danger. As Ganondorf hit the ground, an quick earthquake rumbled. Link got up and limped across the room to grab the Master Sword. Link impailed Ganondorf's chest with a mighty thrust.

"How, how, can this be? I was so close to killing the twerp. But I should of known that this was the end." Ganon caughed up his last words before falling down to the floor. The red light that surrounded Zelda dissapeared. Zelda grabbed onto Link's body.

"Link! Are you alright?" she asked when Link fell to the floor. Ganondorf chuckled. He got up, and luahged with a mighty roar.

"Ahh, look at him. He looks so peacful there dying." Ganondorf brought up his fist into the air. "NOW I COMMAND YOU TRIFORCE OF POWER! GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO DESTROY HYRULE AND IT'S HERO!!!" The Triforce of Power granted his wish, and he grew five times his height, and transformed into Ganon.

"Link, please forgive me." Zelda apologized. She chanted words into Link's ear, and backed away. Ganon smashed Link's body. When he backed away, he was no where to be found. Zelda chuckled and threw a fire ball at Ganon. "Good bye Link." she whispered.

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