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The scene begins as a large woman pulls a pie out from her oven. The camera cuts to rustling leaves in the bushes outside her window, indicating somebodies presence. The camera cuts back the the woman as she smiles and sniffs the pie. The bush rustles again, but she doesn't notice. She walks over to the window sill, the camera following her from behind and she places the pie on the windowsill. The camera remains on the pie, keeping the sill at the same height as the camera. The pie is still visible. Slowly, brown hair rises up and then green eyes, then a whole face, to reveal a grinning teenager. This boy is not Link. He is Links friend. The boy is about to grab the pie when the woman walks back in, causing the boy to duck quickly. The woman picks up the pie and places it on the table in the center of the room. The camera shows the boy crouching just below the window, and the woman walking out a door as well. The boy peeks over the window sill then stands up again, obviously going to try to climb through the window. The camera cuts quickly to two shadowed figures in the tree line, watching the boy at the window. The camera returns to inside the kitchen, the pie just visible in the bottom left but focused on the boy as he clambers through the window. He lands with a thud, and the woman hears it, and returns to the room. The two lock eyes for a moment, the camera switching between the boys widening frightened eyes and the womans quickly narrowing eyes, meaning anger. The camera cuts from the two and shows the entrance door from the outside, slowly moving away from it. The suspenseful music stopped as soon as the camera cut to the door. Suddenly, the door bursts open and humourous music begins as the boy runs out holding the pie and the woman a moment later with a broom. The camera watches from above as the two sprint across the small expanse of grass to the treeline. The camera shows the two shadowed figures in the bush to be two more boys, one of them with the familiar blue eyes blonde hair. The two new boys wave encouragingly to their friend and the the camera sits behind them, watching the boy draw closer. The camera switches to a side view of the tree line, and the boy reaches the others and they all turn and run. The woman continues running after them. The camera follows the three boys and trees whiz past as they run, all three laughing. The music builds momentum as they draw closer to the other side of the trees. Suddenly, they burst through the last ones and the camera is up high in the air, showing the boys on a small hill overlooking a village. The boy run down the hill and out of sight as the camera swoops down low across the village, flying through cart wheels and under legs of people walking, to capture the sense of a living, breathing village. The end of the cutscene and the beginning of player control. This cutscenes purpose was to show the harmless innocence of Links teenager years.

More soon.

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